Similarly to the seventeen-year-old Meadow, Paul Walker III also thinks that Porsche is responsible for his son’s death as the car had a lack of fundamental installations sitting in the passenger seat of which the actor lost his life.

The man states that the above mentioned vehicle didn’t have an appropriate stability control system (which could have prevented losing the car’s control at a turn of the road or at sudden braking), the fuel pipe was torn and the side door didn’t provide the passengers enough protection.

As we wrote earlier, besides the Walker family, Roger Rodas’s widow, whose husband died as the driver of the car that tragic day, also sued Porsche. The car manufacturer company didn’t react to the earlier claims officially, and they don’t admit their responsibility either.

They deny that the car had planning mistakes, and think that the improper use and the alterations of the car’s structure have led to the tragedy. In their response, they wrote that such an experienced and conscious driver that Walker was, he should have known that they had been driving too fast, so in conclusion, he was responsible for the tragedy and his own death.

In light of the above, they didn’t manage to agree out of court, the case will be negotiated: the legacy of the claims, the amount of the potential compensation will be decided there as Meadow Walker and Paul Walker Sr. didn’t define a precise claim.

However, Porsche doesn’t admit to any mistake on their part. As a response to the complaint submitted to court, the car manufacturer company wrote that Walker had been an informed and experienced user of the mentioned car, so he shouldn’t have let Roger Rodas drive the car so fast (according to the police the main reason for the tragedy was the too fast speed).

To the accusation of planning mistakes Porsche responded that the car was used inappropriately and it wasn’t maintained well, it was damaged and altered too. So Walker knew what risks they took, that is, he was responsible for his own death.

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