She got her big break onThe Young and the Restless, one of the most popular soap operas onUS television, so it was no surprise whenEva Longoria graduated to prime time in Desperate Housewives. When she ventured into producing and came up with Devious Maids, it still seemed like a natural progression but can lightning keep on striking? Looks like it.

With Telenovelaset to debut in January 2016 (previews are on December 7, 10-11 ET on NBC following The Voice), she’s taking hersoap opera experience to a whole new level.

Set somewhere in a TV studio near Miami, the action actually starts when the director yells cut. Longoria is Ana Sofia, the star of a Spanish language soap opera where characters talk about money, land, and possessions while holding those pauses and stares forever.

There’s the older actress now relegated to the back burner because of Longoria’s character, the younger hot actress just waiting to take Longoria’s place as she did the older actress, the hot hunk worried about his abs, and the on-screen villain with a heart of gold off-screen.The fun is in watching the cast-within-a-cast act out all the insecurity of actors and play plot developments so broadly that it could only be farce.

Characters on the soap never just walk onstage; they glide in viareal camera-enacted slow motion. Longoria’s long hairpiece and breast enhancers come off after every scene.

When Ana Sofia’s ex-hubby (telenovela actor and Latin recording artist Jencarlos Canela) comes in to play her leading man, she first plots to annoy and ruin him but later they decide on a truce that could only be ripped from celebrity weekly headlines (and Longoria does get a playful dig in on the paparazzi and the weeklies in one scene).

But a show can’t exist simply on sight gags and there does seem to be a real romance brewing behind the scenes with the new network executive, played by a suave and muy quapa (Heroes Reborn and Chuck star) Zachary Levi. Other cast members include Canela, Diana Maria Riva, Jose Moreno Brooks, Alex Meneses, Amaury Nolasco, Jayden Douglas and Izzy Diaz.


Have you ever worked at Sam’s Club, Walmart, or Costco?If you have and work full time, the pro is the security of regular weekly work hours.

There might also be good health benefits and opportunities for extra money working overtime.

The con might be the monotony of doing the same tasks again and again, however, this repetition can allow you to get to know co-workers really well. You talk while loading shelves or checking off newly arrived merchandise.

Such is the premise of Superstore, starring former telenovela starAmerica Ferrera. This is Ferrera like you’ve never seen her before. She’s not Ugly Betty. Ferrera plays Amy, a good employee surrounded by a hapless manager, a very strict assistant manager, and fellow employees with their own issues and ambitions.

Superstore is big on irony, which allows it to show how much humor there is in the mundanerealityof real-life work. At the same time, it shows that not all of America has high-paying jobs with perks, and that satisfaction can be found in jobs that do little more than pay the bills.

Ferrera plays Amy with an appealing lack ofself-consciousness that is refreshing. Other standouts include Lauren Ash (Super Fun Night) as the romantically repressed but employee handbook-obsessed assistant manager, Dina, and Ben Feldman (Drop Dead Diva, Silicon Valley) as the new guy on the floor.

Superstore debuts preview episodes on Monday November 30, 10 PT/ET on NBC, with series start on January 4 at 8 PM.

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