In the talk-show, "NBC Today," the actor revealed his secret in order to get rid of the pressure that the last four years have imposed on him. He was diagnosed with the incurable disease roughly four years ago. The actor definitely stated that he couldn’t have infected anyone as he hadn’t had sexual intercourse without protection with anyone since the diagnosis.

The rumor has been terrorizing Hollywood [VIDEO] for weeks: allegedly, a star could have infected other Celebrities with HIV. Everyone was guessing who that person might have been.

Now it has turned out that Sheen has been infected, but he denies having AIDS or infecting others.

I have decided to admit it to stop the continuous guessing and spreading of totally false news,” Sheen said, who during the interview was stuttering a lot maybe thanks to the live show or the unpleasant topic.

The former star of "Two and a Half Men" has admitted on the "Today" show that he had known about his condition for four years, but that being HIV positive but is not the same as having AIDS. Sheen also explained that during the last four years, since he had known about his condition, he told some people his secret -- friends whom he trusted and, of course, every women he had sex with.

But his trust was not worth a lot as during the past few years several people blackmailed him, they demanded money to keep his secret. The actors said he had paid millions of dollars for them during these years.

And that's what people forget is that the money is being taking from my children,” Sheen said. He also said that a prostitute, with whom he had sex with protection, after sex took a photo of his medication in the bathroom, and demanded money in return to keep quiet. Sheen paid, but the woman sold the photos, and the actor lied to the press that those were herbal products.

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After his public confession, Charlie Sheen seemed relieved and then his doctor could also speak. The specialist told – of course, with the actor’s permission – that Sheen had been taking the most modern and effective medicines since the first minute of the diagnosis, which are aimed at fighting off the lethal disease. According to the doctor the continuous tests had barely shown the infection in the actor so it’s practically unimaginable – mostly if he had protected sex – that he could have infected anyone else.

The actor also said at the "Today" show that after the diagnosis he had immediately informed his ex wives, Dennis Richards and Brooke Mueller, and his oldest daughter, Sam as well. “When I found out I am HIV positive, I immediately told Brooke to test herself,” Sheen said, who hasn’t told his younger children about it, only his daughter, Sam. The teenager accepted the situation and keeps her fingers crossed for her dad.

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