The highly popular ABC series How to Get Away with Murder (#HTGAWM) is back with its second season and the reviews and ratings for the show are clearly provingthat is here to stay.

So if you’re looking for a fresh and interesting TV show to watch, I’m going to list the top 3 reasons you should be tuning in to this series.

1. How to Get Away with Murder: Amazing Cast and performances

By now you must have heard about the brilliantly talented Viola Davis winning the Emmy award this year for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, beating out fan favorites like Taraji P Henson from Empireand cult show Orphan Black actress Tatiana Maslany, becoming the first African American actress to win the award in the category.

The academy award nominated actress gives a stellar performance as Annalise Keating a highly intelligent and prominentcriminal defense attorneyand a law professor at Middleton University who has no limits in order to win her cases and achieved what she wants.

The show is not only about the talented actress, as she is surrounded by an stellar group that includes Alfred Enoch who you might remember from the Harry Potter film series,The Carrie Diaries Jack Falahee, Black BoxAja Naomi King, Orange is the New BlackMatt McGorryand Nosotros los Nobles and Instructions not Included Karla Souzaas her students,and also Charlie WeberandLiza Weilas her assistants andBilly Brownas a police detective.

The cast is not only talented and very good looking but also represents one of the most diverse casts in today’s TV and there are certainly no weak links in this show since every character is involved in the plot and is a they all play a key part to the mysteries of the show.

2. TGIT lineup

The show is produced by TV Queen Shonda Rhimes who is best known as the creator,head writer, executive producer andshowrunnerof the popular drama seriesGrey's Anatomy currently on his seventh seasonand the also popularpolitical thrillerseriesScandal.

These 3 shows from Shonda Rhimes make the ABC lineup called TGIT (Thank God is Thursday) with each of the shows having massive ratings for the network, so if you are already watch Scandal or Greys Anatomy it wouldn’t hurt you to stay up a little more and enjoy How to get Away with Murder who is the last show of the TV block.

3. Ultimately the show is fun, entertainment, bold and shocking

The show gives us a thrill ride from beginning to end with numerous twists and mysteries that would keep you on the edge of your seat and will leave you wondering at the end of each episode about the clues and the identity of the killers that are shown throughout the show.

The series is also smartly written and it successfully avoids leaving its viewers on the dark for too long, with each episode you get more and more clues about the current mystery developing on the show.

We also get to see in every episode numerous sexy and racy scenes that will have you in shock, constantly pushing the boundaries of television and it also has very special guest stars actors such as academy award winner Marcia Gay Harden, X Men Famke Janssen and the multi-talented and legendary Cicely Tyson as Viola Davis character’s mother.

In the end I can think of a million more reasons on why you should be watching the show, but in the end I think the best reason is to simply tell you to watch the first episode and by the end of it I guarantee you would be hooked on the story.

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