The show is finally back!! After a long wait since the intense season 5 finale, especially for those who weren’t feeling so much the spin-off Fear The Walking Dead.

First of all don’t adjust your television this episode is going to be 50% black and white constantly going toflashbacks that for us viewers feel more like present time since they are closer to where we left last season.

The first shot of the episode is a very spectacular one withthousands of Walkers inside a huge quarry that happens to be very close to Alexandria and they are basically only being stopped by some trucks and rocks.

We also get a pretty badass scene with Daryl who is slowly riding his motorcycle like nothing is going on, isonly100 walkers right behind him.

At this point in season 6 is just another normal day for Daryl.

In black and white world Rick doesn’t wants Pete to be buried in Alexandria since a killer doesn’t deserves to be there, so they go and look for a place outside only tobe followed by Pete’s son Ron who almost falls to his dead on the way but is save by Rick and Morgan. How weird it must be for that kid to be saved by the same guy who just kill your dad.

We then see newbie Carter with a group of people in Alexandria plotting to kill Rick and take back the town, but they are not even capable of doing a propersecret reunionsince Eugene catches them promptingCarter to point a gun at hishead, but quickly Rick and company show upand once again they save the day, even forgiving Carter for his transgression.

Immediately back in color time we see Carter happily working alongside Rick, see that wasn’t so hard, why can we just be friends. But since this is Walking Dead we quickly get a really cool death scene for Carter, giving ‘’kiss of death’’ a new meaning. So bye Carter you are victim number 1 and only one of this episode.

The episode concludes with a huge cliffhanger, just as the plan of leading all the Walkers away is going aheadwe start hearing a very loud horn sound coming from Alexandria withthis loud noise changing the course of the thousands of walkers towards the town!!!.

We are left wondering who is behind the horn, The Wolves?

Ron? Deanna?.

Let me know who you think is behind this deadly turn in the comments section.

Bonus commentary

  • Favorite moment of the episode is Morgan and Carol ‘’I’m onto you interaction’’. Someone is finally at Carol level and sees behind her happy homemaker cover.
  • The Walker losing half his skin in the beginning of the episode when he is getting through the truck was amazing.
  • Deanna is completely mind absent in this episode, obviously still grieving by the fact that her husband and don’t forget her also recently death son. But you know she won’t stay like that for long.
  • New character from the comics Heath appeared but he didn’t do much except get a funny line by Eugene about crazy hair bonding.
  • The baby playing Judith seems so much different than the last one. Obviously with the show pace many baby girls have to play baby Judith, but this one seemed different somehow.
  • Rick shutting down Father Gabriel’s volunteer offer was great, at this point he is the number 1 hated guy for many fans and I certainly can’t wait for his death. Second Runner up Nicholas, still can’t believe Glenn forgave him.
  • Ethan Embry who played Carter is a huge fan of the show and auditioned many times before for several other characters.
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