This show has always shown us blood and killings but lastnight's episode wason a different level, because the murders and violence weren’t coming from the walkers but from a group of people who called themselves "The Wolves." This is the big difference that gave usone of the best episodes of the show.

The best

The huge episode begins with a back story to the Enid character and we finally learn why she is so restricted from the rest of the group. She watched her parents get killed in front of her and had to survive all alone in the world.She had to do whatever necessary, including eating a raw and bloody turtle.

This scene was very disturbing and it totally serve as the background for Enid actions from that moment on.In this first scene we see Enid’s writing over and over the letters ‘’JSS’’ with no explanation on what the letters stand for at this point.

We continue in Alexandria with Carol who is my favorite character of the show alongside Daryl and this week she is by far the main player of the show.

She begins the episode in her housewife cover talking about baking and recipes with the other women in the town and later she is preparing a meal while watching little Judith on the baby monitor, all is being pretty calm and perfect, she then sets the alarm for the oven and she proceeds to look at the window where she sees one of her neighbor’s having a smoke.

Without any warning whatsoever we see a guy running with a machete attacking the woman; at first, I thought it was a dream or hallucination but quickly realize that Alexandria was under attack by The Wolves and the panic and murders continue all the way to the end of the episode. The same time that takes for the oven alarm to sound.

WithRick, Daryl, Glenn and company out on the field doing what was shown on last week's premiere, the town is left completely vulnerable to the attacks with Carol having to take the lead and protect the town at whatever cost necessary.This leads to herhaving one of the most bad ass episodes ever, disguising herself in one of the Wolves clothes and basically killing anyone who stands in her way.

She also manages to go to the gun room and take out the guns for the rest of the people to defend themselves.Melissa McBride gives an amazing performance going from the abused wife from season 1 to this season top player.

Jessie also kills one of the lady Wolves with a pair of scissors in a shocking momentand in the final scene we learn that JSS stands for Just Survive Somehow when Enid leaves Alexandria with a note to Carl.

The worst

Morgan continues to fight without killing anyone and at this point is just ridiculous, you have a whole group of murderous and evil people going around killing innocent people and he still refuses to hurt them.The scene where he fights five guys with just his stick was a little over the top and remind me more of Donatello from the Ninja Turtles than a scene from the actual show.

Father Gabriel is still around the town and even though he betrayed the whole group, Carl talks to him and agrees to give him surviving lessons later on. We were also teasedonce more about the Father long coming death when he almost gets killed by one of the wolves.

The whole Denise doctor scene felt pointless with all the chaos going around we are expected to care about this new character and a patient we don’t even know.Ron continues to be an angry and annoying teen.

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