Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries started early October on CW with an episode called “Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take.” TVD faces what is probably the biggest challenge since it started: how will it keep going without Elena, the main and most important character in the show?

Without Elena

After Nina Dobrev said goodbye forever to the show last year, putting Elena into permanent coma, the fans of the show are still guessing what’s going to happen next to the rest of the characters – specially Damon – and what the future holds for him.

If we take executive producer Julie Plec words seriously, the near future doesn’t include a new love interest for him – but it doesn’t mean he won’t find any kind of love. According to Plec, the season will focus on his relationship with Stephan, now that the love triangle is over, and how they’re going to fight Lily, their own mother. “We were like, ‘How do we replace Elena in the triangle between the brothers?’ And what kind of naturally happened is Lily is the third point in the triangle.

They each love her and hate her in a different way, so she’s more of the Katherine. They have different feelings towards her, and she’s able to manipulate them and love them differently”, she guaranteed.

While a new love interest is not in the horizon for Damon, we can keep an eye open for Bonnie, who will soon find a new guy. While his identity is not revealed, Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie, assured the fans it’s going to be a surprise.

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“It really surprised me who they ended up putting Bonnie with, but I was super stoked,” she told EW. We’re set to learn who the boy is on episode 5 via flashbacks!

The first episode of the season also marks the beginning of the Mystic Falls war. We’re also going to meet the Heretics, a group of girls Lily accumulated over the years. “They’re mutated witches, in a way, who have discovered that they can also be vampires, which up until now had been impossible.

They are the only ones of their kind and they stick together through thick and thin even if, like most dysfunctional families, they bicker like siblings and love and hate each other with equal measure”, says Plec. 

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