All in all, The Martian is a ‘Rescue-Op’ involving Matt Damon, again. Hollywood goes to great lengths in rescuing Matt Damon from adverse circumstances (Interstellar and Saving Private Ryan) at the expense of human lives. As for Ridley Scott, his deep desire at reproducing a visual spectacle as 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) remains still alive and kicking till date. His space disaster movies ranging from Alien(1979) to Prometheus(2012) are revitalized with The Martian.

The distinguishing element between Alien and Prometheus and The Martian are:

  • Tone (humorous)
  • Ambition (less demanding)

The movie makes it mark to 2-hours screen time by hook or crook method.

More so, the movie steers clear of protagonist-antagonist cliché so worn out by Hollywood franchises.

First phase

An adaptation from a self-published novel, "The Martian”, written by Andy Weir, revolves around a simplistic plot involving a normal sample collection mission to Mars, bogged down by terrible weather conditions.

The Martian approaches the melancholic predicament of Matt Damon with a tinge of humor. Using manure as fertilizer and growing potatoes, his sample collection mission has changed to ‘survive’. Any hope of rescue is years away at best.

Matt Damon turns out to be capable of handling a film on his own as does Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio. His messages back to earth give a feel-train to the audience.

He plays botanist Mark Watney, busy collecting samples when the team loses visual/ audio contact with him. When all signs of survival look bleak, the mission team decides to head back to planet Earth without Matt Damon.

Second part

Upon regaining consciousness, he finds himself stranded on the Martian planet with no means of communication to NASA, or the space team.Armed with will to survive, Matt Damon carefully assesses his rations, makes calculations for maximizing his tenure on the Martian planet by planting potatoes from his own brewed manure.

Accompanying him is 70s music and stellar NASA cabin to crash in.

The futility of the situation and apparent claustrophobia is lessened by developments back on Earth. Declared dead initially, Matt catches a lucky break when a nobody technician eyes movement, declaring it as Matt, thus propelling NASA into launching rescue-op.

Concluding phase

Meanwhile, NASA has detected signs of life and sets up a rudimentary method of communicating with Matt Damon using obsolete satellite technology. The rescue-op hits bang on target featuring:

  • Jeff Daniels
  • Sean Bean,
  • Kristen Wiig
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor
  • Hexadecimal codes
  • Booster technology
  • Donald Glover
  • Mackenzie Davis
  • Geek talk

A word on Ridley Scott

Seemingly,it might be deemed as a Ron Howard movie humoring the cinematic audience. It’s Ridley Scott steering clear of serious space-operas in style. Heis literally having a blast with this movie, riddled with comical situations coupled encapsulated in a melancholic situation.

Scott creates some dramatic suspense while stretching the movie, but the dominant tone is humor, helped along with cordial relationship amongst professionals.

More so, the movie shies away from worn out clichés of:

  • Patriotism
  • Subservient agendas
  • Hysteria

The book contains technical information, ranging from physics to oxygen and food supplies and testing mechanical components. The movie keeps them on the down-low as does Interstellar.

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