Where Brad Pitt [VIDEO] plays war, animals draw the short straw. The habitants of the North-Irish Ballygally said that their animals had been shocked because of the film shooting with explosions.

In The Lost City of Z, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller and Tom Holland will also play. The movie is about a British soldier and spy, Percy Fawcett who disappeared along with his son in the Brazilian jungle in 1925, while searching for a mysterious, more advanced culture than ours named Z.

In North-Ireland at the shooting’s location the explosions were so big that the windows of the houses were shaking as the local people told the media.

My neighbour’s horses were resting on a nearby field, but they ran away from the explosions and tried to jump over the fence. Next day there was another explosion: it really scared my animals, the chickens were squawking and the dog was barking tremblingly in the garden” – Jason McKillion told Larne Times.

According to the man it was like a war – one of his acquaintances was even kicked by a scared cattle, the Guardian wrote. By the way, earlier McKillion supported the nearby shooting but he thinks they should have called their attention to the fact that the shooting will be this noisy.

Because if they had known what happened they could have given their animals shelter.

By the way, the people of Ballygally are so sensitive because generally the region is calm, there are few roads and machines and no factories. The man thinks that’s why the animals are not used to noises. “This area should be about the beauties of nature and tranquillity” – he said.

In the earlier plans Brad Pitt played the main role, but he rather joined the project as a producer. It can’t be known whether the star is at the shooting’s location or not, but if he is, it might happen that he knocks on McKillion’s door and tries to calm down the animals as an apology.

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But according to the movie-makers there is no need for that: their spokesman said that they had done everything in order to contact locals and every explosion complied with the regulations. However, it won’t be easy to explain this to a shivering group of animals...

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