The twosome thriller based on Stephen King’s novel was released twenty-five years ago, in which an unpredictable and brutal woman takes care of her favourite writer who had a car accident.

In Misery, Paul Sheldon (James Caan), the famous writer can experience the disadvantages of fame as unfortunately for him, an uncannily unpredictable fanatic of him saves his life. At first sight, Annie (Kathy Bates) is a charming and motherly caring woman, but the nurse aid turns into brutal violence when she finds out that the upcoming novel’s story is not going the way she imagined it.

The scenes, in which Annie grabs the huge hammer and within a moment she turns into a crazy, brutal torturer from a cute nurse, can be hunting the viewer for a long time.

Kathy Bates got an Academy Award for impersonating the seemingly invincible, creepily smiling Annie. And twenty-five years after the debut of the thriller, she is sure that most people remember her as the torturer in Misery. “I think the magazines will write about my death with the title Kathy “Torture” Bates passed away” – said the 67-year-old actress jokingly.

During the photo shoot, Bates also told that the ankle-breaking with a hammer scene – which is painful even by just watching it – was a real misery. “It took a terribly long time as that time there was no CGI. I had to strike down with the hammer very precisely and sometimes I didn’t manage to do so.”

The 75-year old James Caan, who in the movie was lying in the bed and fighting as a victim with his crazy fan, didn’t manage to get rid of the role for a long time. “I have been asked whether my legs hurt about a hundred times since that” – said the actor laughing, who was sitting in greyish, icy atmosphere pictures besides Kathy Bates and the well-known hammer.

There were not only creepy photos recalling the movie taken of the actors posing in white clothes, but nicely smiling and hugging ones were shot as well, and they remembered how the writer of the original story reacted to the film.

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“Stephen King hates movies based on his books, but he came to the debut and was so touched by it that at the end in the silence he shouted: She has a gun!” – according to the actor that was the time they knew they had made a good film.

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