Oprah Winfrey, 61, is speaking up about her so-called adopted son, Calvin Mitchell, after the 35-year old recently told interviewers he was unhappy with the manner in which Winfrey turned her back on him and refused to associate with him when he was 17. Now, the former talk show host wants to clear the air about the reason she quit associating with him.

Mitchell approached Winfrey outside the Ed Sullivan Theater when she was making an episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and demanded a reason she had deserted him after he considered her and her partner, Stedman Graham, as his family since he was 11-years old.

So-called adopted son wants closure regarding relationship

Mitchell met Winfrey at 11-years old while he was part of an ABC TV pilot called There Are No Children Here. He added that Winfrey took a liking to him and that she stayed in continuous contact and even talked to his mother about adopting him.

Winfrey told interviewers that she never adopted Mitchell, and that he was just a child she wanted to help.

She said she had been interested in speaking with him after appearing on The Late Show until she realized her so-called "adopted son" had set her up. Since the exchange she has decided to tell her side of the story concerning her relationship with Mitchell and why it changed.

Winfrey explains reasons she ended the relationship

Winfrey says that she stayed in the life of her so-called adopted son until he turned 17, and then it all changed.

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While she didn’t actually adopt Mitchell, she moved him and his family out of project housing, helped his mother find a job, and paid for private schooling for Mitchell.

She says she ended up paying for two separate attempts at getting him into good private schools, but says Mitchell left both and refused to attend them. She wanted Mitchell to get a good education so he could have a good life. Winfrey says that she begged him to reconsider and that she told him there wasn’t anything else she could do and if he left school she was through with their relationship.

She added that this conversation was the last she and Mitchell had, which was in the 1990s.

Winfrey says of her so-called adopted son that she is very disappointed in how things have turned out, and that the encounter between them at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was a setup by a tabloid to trick her into talking with him.

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