Mr. Holmesis a moderately paced perioddrama, anchored by Ian McKellen as a 90-ish Sherlock Holmes. Ian McKellen plays an eccentric Sherlock Holmes with poised vigor, subdued sharpness, and wits intact, moving with an air of thoughtfulness.


The stage is set in 1947 Sussex, England where Sherlock Holmes has retired, dwelling in a lonely farmhouse accompanied by a caretaker and her son. His hobby is tending to bees day-in and day-out. His attempts at revitalizing his memory are ending in thick smoke after experimenting with myriad of weird substances ranging from royal jelly to prickly ash.

His return from retirement is stimulated due to his unsolved case, compelling him to withdraw earlier in his 60s.

Patrick Kenneday plays a troubled spouse Thomas Kelmot worried sick about his significant other’s wayward obsession with harmonica. His suspicions are targeted at a local English harmonica teacher, accusing her of witchcraft. His wife is playing her own game simultaneously setting up the husband for a slam-dunk finale. Hattie Morahan and Japanese character are all in essence plot devices helping along the Sherlock story-arc in the grander scheme of things.

For old times’ sake

As it becomes apparent later, Sherlock Holmes is attempting to recall his last case, involving a young, married woman (Ann Kelmot). With some added assistance from housekeeper Mrs Munro’s (Laura Linney) son Roger (Mile Parker), works out the finer details of his last case, steering clear of the falsified case written by his deceased dear friend Dr.

John Watson.

In pop-culture

Sherlock Holmes has had multiple successful reboots as opposed to Spiderman, with BBC’s Sherlock, Robert Downey JR’s Sherlock Holmes directed by Guy Ritchie and lastly, Elementary featuring Sherlock Holmes living in New York City. Nevertheless, with a pantheon of Sherlock Holmes portrayals in pop culture, Mr.

Holmes stands firmly as a period drama, showing Mr. Holmes reminiscing sketchy details of his last case.

Mr. Holmes is adapted from novel titled A Slight Trick of the Mind penned by Mitch Cullin. The story follows multiple threads at once keeping viewers’ attention in an otherwise lightweight investigative case.

Intrinsically, the low-budget movie blends plot twists and streamlines present domestic problems all too well.

Sherlock Holmes, folks

Ian McKellen delivers a powerful performance as 90-some Sherlock Holmes fighting off old-age and myths surrounding the Holmes persona. His strength lies in his sly sleuth skills and quick wittiness. On the downside, Ian McKellen accent isn’t overtly British with veneer of American roots. Sherlock Holmes ruminates on years bygone, still compassionate, humanizing his character buried in an avalanche of legends.


Roger is an under-10 child fascinated by Sherlock Holmes character, drenched in his mystique. He is a plot device helping with the story revelation.

On the other hand, his mother Mrs. Munro (Laura Linney) is portrayed as an illiterate, proletariat class individual, adding some emotional core to the drama.

In conclusion

It’s an exquisite odeto Sherlock Holmes, unfolding a character analysis against a vivid English backdrop. Mr. Holmes is an added gem for the massive Sherlock cult worldwide. The fictitious Baker Street sleuth has been resurrected due to his fascinating mystique.

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