The Wall Street Journal made an interview with the English star Kate Winslet in connection with her appearance in the new film titled Steve Jobs in which she impersonates the deceased Apple-founder’s chief marketing executer, counsellor and friend, Joanna Hoffman.

In the interview, Winslet (star of the Titanic movie) told about the preparation for the movie as she had to transform her look because of differences in their physical appearance (in the film her hair will be brown).

By the way, the actress had to fight for Hoffman’s role as the producers didn’t intend to give her the role because she simply does not look like Jobs’s sometime colleague. But when without any comments she sent director Danny Boyle a picture of herself wearing a wig and make-up like Hoffman, it was quite convincing as the director couldn’t notice Winslet.


According to the star, it’s a usual phenomenon that her first reaction after getting a role is panic. In the case of the Steve Jobs movie there were additional difficulties as Hoffman is from Eastern Europe. “When speaking with a foreign accent, especially with an East-European one, it’s only one step away to be like a Saturday Night Live-sketch, so we have to be very careful” – the actress said. Because of the above mentioned, she met Hoffman several times and practiced a lot with a speech teacher.

Kate Winslet talked about her family as well, which is a quite sensitive issue for actors travelling a lot for shootings. But the actress usually surprises the journalists. “A lot of journalists say that I must be looking forward to finally be with my children. But I’m with them almost always.

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I left the youngest alone only two times,” the star said. She has three children, one from each of her three husbands.

The 14-year-old Mia’s dad is the independent movie-maker Jim Threapleton, the 11-year-old Joe is son of the famous director Sam Mendes, and the 2-year-old Bear is Ned RocknRoll's (with whom Winslet got married in 2012), and the children almost always travel to the shootings with the actress.

The star said the following about her marriages ending in a divorce: “I didn’t plan things like this at all, but that’s what life gave. And it wasn’t easy at all. No one really knows what has happened to me in my life. No one knows for real why my first marriage ended. No one knows why the second ended. And I’m proud of myself for not gossiping about them.”

But her new marriage works very well. “I’m grateful to God for Ned, really. He is incredibly supporting and life is very cheerful with him. He’s everything to me” – Winslet enthused over his husband with whom she lives a not typical Hollywood life in the country nearby London (the actress usually gets up at 6:00am, makes breakfast and sends the children to school).

Besides the big things in life, the magazine talked about funny small things, like where she keeps her Academy Award. In spite of being very proud for the trophy she got for The Reader, Winslet keeps it in the bathroom.

“The point is that anyone can try it, keep it in their hand and start saying I would like to thank for my dad, for my son. I can always decide who does it for real as they usually stay there for a longer time after flushing the toilet. And they blush a bit. It’s great” – the actress joked.