Even though other actors and actresses like Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have expressed their concerns over female actress pay, Avengers: Age of Ultron star Jeremy Renner, 44, says the pay gap between male and female actors is not his job. Renner says he is all for female actress pay to be equal, but that things like pay negotiations are not his job to handle and not something he is good at.

Earlier this year, American Hustle star Lawrence had gone on record saying she would do all she could to help female actresses to get equal pay. She had written an article expressing her displeasure at being paid less than her male counterparts. A Sony hack showed that she got less money for her role in the movie than her male co-stars.

Renner Says He’s an Actor, Not Pay Negotiator for Female Actress Pay

Renner told reporters that he is an actor, and knows human behavior.

He says that things like female actor pay should be left to the people who know how to deal with it, as he is focusing on what he is good at, which is acting.

Renner stressed that he said this because he isn’t skilled in doing things like negotiating for money or writing contracts, and that he would ask people who are trained in those areas to handle things like pay and benefits for actors and actresses.

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Lawrence’s Co-Stars Also Spoke Out On Female Performer Pay

Another leading actress in American Hustle, Amy Adams was also revealed to have been paid less for her role in the movie. Male actor Bradley Cooper, who also was in American Hustle, spoke out about the pay difference for female actresses and said that because of this issue, he will now negotiate for pay for future roles together with any female co-stars before the film is produced.

Pay Usually Negotiated Via Other People, Not Performers

When Renner was asked if he would be willing to do the same and negotiate along with his female co-stars, he is said to have told reporters that it was a subject better left to the experts in such things. In fact, Renner is correct about pay for both actresses and actors being negotiated by others, as usually it is done without them and instead is done by their agents, managers or even their lawyers.

Many feel that it is about time that the pay inequality between males and females be addressed. It is rampant, not only in the entertainment industry. Actresses and actors are now speaking up about the problem with the female actress pay gap for their roles in movies and other productions.

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