Every girl dreams of being a princess. Kings and queens have always spoken to people’s imagination. The royals appear in public in beautiful designer clothes, they wear expensive jewelry, the king has a golden crown with diamonds, they live in palaces,… they must have a lot of money.

But how much does a king actually earn? Being royals, they are not allowed to perform a commercial job. They are supported by the state or, more correctly, by the tax payers.

Their grants depend a lot on the country they represent; some are richer than others.

The richest royal is definitely Queen Elisabeth of the UK. Her annual salary is almost $59 million. Crown prince Charles has to settle with $28 million.

Second best paid is probably the King Carl Gustav of Sweden, who receives about $20 million per year.

Not all countries are so generous with their royal’s salaries.

King Philip of Belgium and King Willem-Alexander of Holland both receive around $1.2 million per year.

A special mention has to go to King Felipe of Spain. Because his country is in crisis, he voluntary reduced his grant with 20% to only $260,000.

To put these numbers in perspective, President Obama has a base salary of $400,000. The German chancellor Angela Merkel earns $240,000 per year and the French president Hollande $200,000.

Apparently big multinationals like Apple and Google pay their executives like royals.

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Annual amounts up to $70 million are not an exception.

Unfortunately one cannot apply for the job of king and if you want to be a president you need to be elected. You can always try to make your fortune with sports.

Madrid soccer player Ronaldo earns more than the average royal with a salary of $77 million per year, while golf champion Tiger Woods takes home $65 million.And if sports aren’t your thing, you can try singing: $52 million for Shakira.

I don’t know about you, but I am not blessed with a good voice or a fine-tuned sports body.

Most of us are probably working at $10 per hour.

Just remember one thing: happiness can’t be bought with money.

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