Actor Hugh Grant and Swedish producerAnna Ebersteinhave been struggling for a long time, meaning sometimes they are together and sometimes they aren’t. This might depend on how lonely the actor is at the given time. By the way, the couple has already had a child, John Mungo, who is three years old. It has now been known for a few weeks that Anna is pregnant again; her rounding belly busted her immediately. But now it turned out that the baby’s father is no other than Grant.

The English actor wasn’t idle in the last four years: since September 2011 he has had not one, but two children.

And the youngest heir to the throne is on its way.

The 55-year old star is the father of a 4-year-old girl called Tabitha Jīng Xǐ and a two and a half years old boy, Felix, besides the above mentioned John Mungo.

The children were not born from the same mother: the mother of Tabitha and Felix is the actor’s ex girlfriend, Tinglan Hong, while that of John Mungo is the Swedish TV-producer, Anna Eberstein, Grant’s current partner. In addition, the two women were pregnant with the two younger children at the same time, Grant took the boy to his name only more than one year after his birth.

If we calculate a bit more, it turns out that the star had three children within 15 months. So we can say that being a father came quite unexpectedly to the actor’s life who is above the age of fifty (his first child’s name means happy surprise in Chinese). However, Grant thinks that this experience had changed his life and personality as well into a positive direction.

“Many people warned me that the infancy period is not the most exciting one.

But I am really excited. (…) I’m so glad to have a child, really. It makes me feel that I’m a better person” – the actor said to The Guardian.

After such flashy antecedents it turned out that Hugh Grant will be a father for the fourth time too: the mother of the youngest heir to the throne is the current girlfriend, Anna Eberstein. So the star will have two children from each woman. But it cannot be known when the newest little Grant arrives – some sites refer to it as the fourth child of the actor within four years so the baby might be born soon.

And that is strange because the latest news said that they were separating. Grant’s family establishment is quite absurd to say the least, if he is the father for real. This means that one time one of the ladies gives birth, and then the other does.

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