It’s been four months since Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, died following being in a comafor several months after she had been discovered unconscious in a bathtub. Now, former roomie Danyela Bradley is talking to the court about the singer’s frequent usage of drugs like marijuana, heroin and crack cocaine, and saying Brown used drugs only a few days prior to being found unresponsive.

Bradley alleged that she and Bobbi Kristina were close friends, so she never hid the drug use from her. Bradley was allegedly inside the Atlanta residence where Brown was discovered last January.

Roomie’s Drug Info Regarding Bobbie Kristina Brown Contradictory

Bradley testified in a Georgia lawsuit deposition arising from a car accident that Bobbi Kristina and Gordon were involved in just days prior to Brown being found unresponsive.

Bradley stated that Bobbie Kristina Brown used crack once or twice a week, however, this statement appears to contradict her earlier declaration that she had not seen Brown use heroin.

Bradley said also, however, that she could still tell was high just by looking at her physical condition, saying her friend would get sleepy, less talkative, and keep to herself and nod off.

Roomie Speaks Out on Nick Gordon and Brown’s Relationship

Bradley also spoke about the relationship with Nick Gordon.

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Gordon and Brown were involved and he is being sued in a wrongful death civil suit that has been filed by Bedelia Hargrove, Brown’s estate conservator. Bradley told reporters she didn’t believe Gordon and Brown were married legally, but said they appeared to have a loving and happy relationship. It’s said Gordon considered himself Bobbi Kristina’s husband, though this is disputed by many of Brown’s friends and relatives.

Bradley said that Gordon also used drugs and in fact used more than Bobbie Kristina Brown did. Some think the statement will help in the lawsuit against Gordon since the lawsuit alleges that Gordon gave Brown a mixture of drugs and then drowned her in the tub. Gordon has plead innocent of all of the accusations against him.

Authorities Conducting Criminal Probe into Death

Since Brown’s death, law authorities have been conducting a criminal probe into the circumstances regarding her death that is aimed at Gordon being the main suspect.

The couple lived together in their Atlanta residence, and Bradley also lived with them. The investigation should continue to reveal more about the death of singer Bobbie Kristina Brown.

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