Dwayne Johnson, the star of Fast and Furious 7,adopted the two French Bulldogs named Brutus and Hobbs three weeks ago. A few days later he even posted a cheerful story about saving one of the dogs from drowning into the water.

Just like then, Brutus was the unlucky dog again: as it turns out from Johnson’s new Instagram post, the little dog ate some poisonous mushroom in the garden which made him so sick that his liver and total immune system failed. The Rock and his girlfriend decided to end the pet’s misery, and take him off from the machines ensuring his life-sustaining treatment.

The last swimming pool case was also very well-written, and the actor was on his mettle now as well: in the Instagram photo’s accompanying text he says goodbye to his pet definitely touchingly with very nice words.

“This is a new reminder that we have to live in the present and love as strong as we can because the future is uncertain. (…) Last night, at about 11:15 p.m. we made a painful decision that we end Brutus’s misery (…), and send his soul to the heaven of dogs. I was holding his little paws when he found final peace.

(…) We will always love you, Brutus, you will always be my little favourite, (…) rest in peace!” – the star wrote in his recollection.

Along with this, DwayneJohnson conscientiously called the attention of other dog owners to pay attention to mushrooms in their garden, because what seems to be innocent can be lethal for our pets.

The former wrestler, now actor shared a nice story on his Instagram not a long ago, which was about the adventures of his two puppies, Brutus and Hobbs.

We can also know that from the post that Johnson – as he said – completed his family with these small animals.

But one of these days it has turned out that he and his girlfriend, Lauren Hashian are expecting their first child. “They are very excited!” – said a source to US Weekly. To Radar Online someone said that they couldn’t be happier as they have been together for nine years and they felt like it’s high time establishing a family.

By the way, the 46-year-old star already has from his former relationship a 14-year-old daughter, Simone, whose mother was his wife between 1997 and 2008. The Rock mentioned Simone as well on his Instagram, in connection with Paul Walker who would have celebrated his forty-second birthday not a long ago. He said that even though they didn’t spend much time together with his colleague but when they met they always talked about Simone and Walker’s daughter, Meadow.

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