The sometime little child star of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial has successfully managed to leave her painful and troublesome childhood behind: now she is a successful actress, producer and happy mother. Barrymoreposing on the cover of InStyle magazine talked about how her mother humiliated her, what she thinks of her body and bad decisions she made in the past.

The unforgettable star of 50 First Dates and Charlie’s Angels is already forty years old, but she is still glowing. Besides, she is full of newer and newer plans.

Her latest movie titled Miss You Alreadywillbe released soon,and she will publish a bookwith the title Wildflower. She dedicatesit to her two daughters.

“This book is like a love letter to my daughters” – Barrymoreexplained about the book’s content, but we could know more about what isn’t in the book. “When I was young, my mother, Jaid wrote a book about sex, which was the most embarrassing experience of the world for me. I know exactly what it feels like when a parent does such thing, and I would never do it to my children.

There are some things which we better not know about our parents.”

It is widely known that Barrymorehad serious alcohol and drug problems as a teenager, and a significant reason for it was that she couldn’t rely on her parents. Fortunately, this period is over. Despite all these problems, the actress is now a happy wife, and together with her husband, Will, they raise two little girls. “Making bad decisions doesn’t make you a bad person. You just learn to decide correctly” – Barrymore summarized her experiences.

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In the interview, she also talked about that she doesn’t want to seem perfect or flawless for her daughters. She rather talk honestly about everything with them. Herhusband was surrounded by such a balanced family in his childhood that she had always longed for. She talked sincerely about that her body type is far from the actual beauty ideal, and it doesn’t bother her if she is seen in a swimsuit as she is okay with her shape.

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