Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are about to get married.The star of Modern Family and the handsome actor whose last role was in Magic Mike XXL got engaged last Christmas, and since then they have been hinting details of the big day, for example, the date and the place of the wedding and Vergara’s wedding gown.

The couple got together in around July 2014 – they were seen together on a date at 4th July’s national holiday weekend in Louisiana. Only after a half year Manganiello proposed his partner.

The special event happened during a holiday in Hawaii, where the actor spiced up the proposal with the Spanish version of “you are everything to me” (as this is the mother tongue of the Colombian Vergara). Shortly after this, the actress could be seen with a huge engagement ring on her finger all around Los Angeles.

The celebrity couple is planning a late autumn wedding: they will get married on 22th November, in the luxury Palm Beach hotel in Breakers, Florida. The guests are expecting a huge party.

“It will be a real Latin party, it will last long. There will be a party and an after party as well” – the actress said, who guaranteed that at the wedding party the music, the food and the drinks would all be fantastic. Zuhair Murad designed her dress, and the actress usually wears his creations on the red carpet events as well.

The newspapers write about 350-400 guests. The bride and the bridegroom agreed that both of them could invite two hundred people. Vergara said that her family was so extended that most of her guests would be family members.

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Of course, the stars of Modern Family, the series in which the actress has a role, will all be there.

Sofía Vergara admitted that she had been behaving like a “wedding monster” during the preparations for the wedding. “I’m really picky about the details, so I am a real nightmare. I have a very good memory, so I keep every small thing in my mind, and I might request two similar cloth samples after two months. I’m really terrible” – she said in an interview to Good Morning America.

Although the wedding party will be enormous, the actress admitted that she would have to go back to work shortly after the wedding, so the honeymoon would last only for a few days.

The star of Modern Family also said that after getting married she would like to get pregnant soon. Vergara already has an adult 23-year-old son from his previous marriage, but she would also like to have a baby with Manganiello (as he doesn’t have any children), and she is pressed for time as well. As she is already 43-years-old and declared that she wouldn’t want to have a baby at the age of fifty.

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