We begin with two Swedish girls who look like Victoria’s Secret models, that decide to stay in the very creepy Hotel after being denied a refund by Kathy Bathes, as‘’Iris’’, a much better role alreadythan last season terrible bearded woman.It's a very predictable first scene. Once in the room, the girls start smelling something horrible and they realize that is coming from inside the mattress and instead of running the hell out of the room, they decide to open it finding a deformed person or creature, who certainly has gone through hell or comes from it, so far we don’t know much about it.

Next wemeet Wes Bentley's character, detective John Lowe, who finds an identical scene to the movie SE7EN. The victims were cheaters and the still alive guy was punished by having his eyes and tongue cut out and that’s not the worst, since his private part isstill connected to the dead girl body with the help of glue and performance drugs.

The Hotel's next victim is New Girlactor Max Greenfield, who is a drug addict that comes to the Hotel to shoot some heroin. He is escorted by Denis O’Hare's character Liz Taylor, who doesn’t get much screen time so I still don’t know how I feel about it yet, it could go either way for Liz.

I do love the name though.

Once the heroinstarts to kick in he sees a ghost maid (very familiar to season 1) and a very creepy creature without eyes or mouth who has a sex torture device (again familiar to the rubber guy from season 1), apparently the ‘’weapon’’ is a drill dildoand the creature proceeds to rape the poor guy.

Overall one of the creepiest scenes ever in televisionand in itwe get introduced to the Sarah Paulson character, who once again proves why she needs to keep coming back every season.

Every character she's played in AHS couldn’t be more different fromtheother.

The next scene finally introduces us to the highly publicizedLady Gaga character and is just what you imagine, a Gagalike vampire character, think Judas era. We also meet the Matt Bomer character who appears naked in his first scene and stays pretty much like that.The two are a vampire couple and they immediately look for a couple to enjoy as both sex partners and meals.

The scene is basically soft core porn, and we have already seen many blood sex scenes like this in HBO’s True Blood, so this one doesn’t shocks as much as the show thinks.

The episode also introduces Cheyenne Jackson character Will Drake, a fashion designer who as Gaga mentioned has worked for Mrs. Obama. He's a rich man seeking inspiration and for some very bad reasoning or plot device he buys the Hotel. This character to me is the worst of the episode alongside with his kid.

The only good thing of the scene is that fans of the shows get to see the realtor from the firstAmerican Horror Story,the onewho sold the Murder House, connecting season 1 to 5 right from the start.

Another character is the detective’s wife played by Chloe Sevigny, and I think it's a terrible casting and the actress would be much better playing any other role.Luckily we won’t be seeing much of her, since she casts away her husband because he reminds her too much of their son, who was lost in a carnival ride and coincidently happens to live in the Hotel Cortez, in a room filled with candy, video games and children straight from the Village of the Damned movie, creepy kids with pale skin and white hair.

In the end the first episode delivers a very enjoyable start, certainly sets up the plot for a much better season than theterribleFreak Show.I’m looking forward for Angela Basset, Emma Roberts, Finn Wittrock, and to see if Lady Gaga will continue to grow and improve in her role.

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