In the Star Wars movie which is to be released this December, John Boyega will be impersonating Finn, a storm trooper. He talked in an interview about his character and his feelings when he first read the screenplay. The actor had been fighting for the role for months and he had some problems with the lightsaber as well.

In the interview given to GQ magazine Boyega compared the seven months while he was going to castings in order to get Finn’s role to X Factor, the talent show.

“It was frenetic. Just like X Factor but without the excitation” – the star said about the castings.

Boyega was unbelievably happy when he was chosen for Finn’s role, and his emotions kept on fluctuating while he was reading the screenplay.


“I’m not a crying type, but when I first read the screenplay, I wept. But I usually hold back my tears and not let myself cry” – the star said.

J.J. Abrams, the director and co-writer of the film has already talked mysteriously about the secrets which encompass Finn’s background, but of course, he hasn’t gone into details. Boyega described his character in much more details.

“The story of Finn is a brand new one, which is somehow connected to the fate of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo as well. Finn is a funny and charismatic guy, and I think he is one of the most exciting characters in the movie” – Boyega said about his future role.

The actor also talked about his hard trainings which he completed in order to be able to run during the shooting in the desert heat while wearing a leather jacket in addition.

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“The lightsaber is heavy as hell and we have to run a lot. I can only recommend the Star Wars diet method to everyone.” The mysteries around David Boyega’s character and how touching the story is will turn out in less than three month. Until that, it is worth watching the newest Star Wars video which shows the viewers one of the new locations of the seventh movie, a planet named Jakku where one can go on a sightseeing interactively like they were sitting on Rey’s quad.