Vin Diesel,who is the producer and star of the speedy action franchise, implied on his Facebook pagehow long the saga might last. Fast and Furious is currently preparing for its eighth movie. Although real production hasn’t started yet, one can hear a lot about Fast and Furious 8. According to the newest information, this will be the first part of a trilogy ending the whole series.

On his Facebook page,where he regularly contacts his fanatics, this was also published by Vin Diesel, the protagonist of Fast and Furious movies – in 2008 he became the producer as well.

First of all, he paid his respects to the fans. Then told them that Neal H. Moritz puts a great pressure on him to sign off as a producer, but this franchise is too important to make fast decisions about things like that.

“To be clear, no one has been offered to helm Fast and Furious 8 yet. We haven’t even shown the script to anyone. Universal Studio has been so good to me and so trusting of our vision. I promised them I would deliver one last trilogy to end the saga. I will announce the directors too on my next post” – can be read in Diesel’s announcement.

Based on this, Uproxx concludes that in spite of the fact that seemingly no one has seen even a script, it will turn out soon who the director of Fast and Furious 8 will be as the bald star often updates his Facebook site. They think the director can’t be James Wan, who directed the seventh episode, as he is quite busy with continuing The Conjuring and with Aquaman’s oncoming shooting.

In the case of an action franchise with such a long history it might not be bad to introduce a creator with a new and fresh perspective.

But it will turn out only in the future who that would be. But according to Diesel’s announcement, it seems to be sure that after the eighth episode coming in April 2017 there will be only two more Fast and Furious movies waiting for the fans. Of course, the fanatics can still hope, and if there isn’t a new episode for real, they will still surely cheer the blockbuster for a long time.

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