September have come and with it many films have released. Among the movies which are in cinema at this time, some of them seem to be really interesting.

Maze runner: The scorch trials

It is the second part of ''The maze runner''and it have the same main actor like the first movie namelyDylan O'Brien. Regarding the plot, the new movie shows Thomas, the survivor of maze, leading the other survivors through " The scorch" ( scorchedland).

Unlike the first film where Thomas' aim was to find the escape from the maze, in this part he should find answers about the organisation that keeps them captive.

Having Wes Ball as director,The scorch trialscontinues the amazing story of the first movie in an extensive and ambitious sequel

The transporter refueled

One of the most waiting movies, "The transporter refueled" brings a lot of action and adrenaline.

Thus, Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) is the transporter with the highest qualification which money can buy. In this film the technology is much developed due to one of the best car - Audi S8. The stakes are higher and the danger as well. However, there are three simple rules: don't ask names, doný changes the business and don't open the package.

Last movie of transporter's series surely will keep viewers breathless.


For those who like crime movies, this one combines crime, action and drama perfectly. In brief, in Mexico "Sicario" means hitman. There is no law at the border between United States and Mexico and inexperienced FBI agent Kate Mercer (Emily Bunt) becomes a witness of drugs traffic. Therefore, she and her colleagues have the mission to capture the head of the entire organization. An important person who tries to help her is Bencio Del Toro.

Nevertheless because of his past Kate will be unsure about everything she know in order to survive

Other movies

  • "Everest''- an adventure movie which tells the story of two climbers who try to conquer the highest peak in the world.
  • ''American Ultra''- a normal person finds out that he is actually a robot created by goverment.
  • ''Sinister 2'' - If the first was horror this would be by far terrible.
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