Liam Neeson doesn’t take the guesswork and has accepted a role in the action-thriller titled The Commuter.

His first film was Excalibur, which might sound familiar to many of us. Although Liam Neeson played in more than 60 films, most people remember him from the Taken movies. The worrying and bloodthirsty dad figure made him famous in one fell swoop again. The Taken movies have elevated him among big names again.

The producers of the Liam Neeson action movie titled Non-stop, Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman weren’t satisfied enough with the ticket incomes of 222 million dollars last year, so they want to shoot a new action movie titled The Commuter with the 63-year-old star and StudioCanal.

There isn’t a director yet, only a screenplay written by two newcomers, Byron Willinger and Phil de Blasi. But we can know about the story that it won’t be any different from any other Liam Neeson action movies– writes Deadline news.

Impersonating the typical fighting character, Liam, a warm-hearted old gentleman will become a grumpy Terminator because of a trauma, and shoots all the unscrupulous criminals with one move. The only difference is that now Liam is not a pensioned CIA agent or an alcoholic air marshal but a businessman who gets into a complicated crime against his will, and not only his life but his family is in danger too.

Although there isn’t a director yet they have found the location.

The shooting will take place in New York City next spring for which the star is really happy. StudioCanal will finance the movie; The Picture Company will back it as a producer so they surely won’t economize on the budget during the shooting.

By the way, one could hear tangentially about The Commuter in 2010.

Neeson has finished the shooting of Silence directed by Martin Scorsese(The Wolf of Wall Street, The Aviator, Gangs of New York, The Departed) lately, and next time we can see him in A Monster Calls.

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Moreover, he is involved in future projects like Narco Sub, A Willing Patriot and The Revenger.

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