Only five months have passed since the release of the last, seventh episode of Fast and Furious, but Michelle Rodriguez can hardly wait the newest speeding adventure. The thirty-seven years old action heroine was caught by E! News at the party of Harper’s Bazaar in New York, where she talked about the upcoming continuation with pleasure. “We are starting the shooting next summer. We are trying to get the team together now” – Rodriguez said excitedly. “We need a good reason to continue even after the death of Paul (Paul Walkner who died in a car accident during the time of the shooting of the last episode).

But this franchise is not only American, it has become a global phenomenon so we need to take it seriously” – she added. The actress also said that it would be difficult without Paul, but the shooting of the film hadn’t been started yet as the producers hadn’t found the perfect director for the production.

“We need someone who is passionate about directing and I think our primary task is to find the perfect director” – Rodriguez said. It has been mentioned earlier that the eighth episode will take place in New York – and it has been confirmed by Michelle Rodriguez now.

She said that the studio liked the idea so she would keep her fingers crossed to make it as she lived in the City, and hadn’t made a film at home since the movie Girl Fight in 2000. The most important star of the series, Vin Diesel and one of the producers also talked about the continue to the magazine, which he only mentions as F8 (as fate) which sounds like the actor named the movie their fate. “Paul always said that the eighth episode will surely be produced so I feel that we have to do everything to make it happen.

So if fate (F8) wants it, we also want it. Fast and Furious 7 has been dedicated to Paul, the memory of him, and it feels like the eighth episode is from him” – the bald star said. So the fans of Fast and Furious movies can get ready for a new episode, which will be released in American cinemas in April 2017.

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