At the height of the Britpopcraze in the mid 1990s, there was one group of a rather more rarefied madness who were threatening the top 40 and garnering rabid music press notices all of their own. David Devant and His Spirit Wife, with their normality-baiting early tracks Ginger and Pimlico, cut a big-haired, magic-inspired dash across London, feted by Jarvis Cocker and other contemporary luminaries.

Devant's conduit was The Vessel, a mysterious spirit responsible for the core of the band's sound and concept.

Mikey Georgeson moved through his Mr Solo project - including the hit Home Sick Home - and Carfax, with Jyoti Mishra from White Town (of number one 'Your Woman' fame.) With all these projects ongoing in one form or another, he currently fronts The Civilised Scene under the guise of The Senator.

Georgeson teamed up with Seraglio Point Productions to present this selection from his last two decades. Ashley Hames wrote of it in The Huffington Post: 'Nothing, absolutely nothing, has moved me over the years quite like the music of Mikey Georgeson...this is For Real' and 'Pimlico' are hidden classics that, back in the day, would have sat comfortably on top of the charts.

With hooks that could snare a whale and lyrics packed with pathos, they'd still be perfect additions today. I could repeat that for most of the songs here. This album is that good.'

The UK's Louder Than War wrote: '[The Best of]The Vessel is as addictive as ABBA but as intelligent as the Divine Comedy, sophisticated as Roxy Music and arch as MGMT – each time you listen to this album, you will find a new favourite.

Yes, it’s that kind of album. Perfection.'

And what does Georgeson himself have to say about it?: 'About four years ago someone called me a songwriter and I thought “no way” but then I thought chew it over for a while before spitting it out. I love song and having grown up with song as a second language (dark gothic folk songs as bedtime stories) I can see now that yes I am a songwriter.'

Here is the link of the album:

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