Everybody knows Taylor Swift, one of the most famous music singer-songwriter of all the times. Where were you when Taylor Swift sold more than a million copies of her album “1989”? And where were you when her last video “Blank Space" reached a billion views on YouTubeNot only voice and guitar, Taylor Swift has become famous thanks to his family, who supported and pushed her to reach that fairytale life, dreamed so much.

Her parents, Andrea and Scott, they were rich and busy managers. They spent money and time to help Taylor Swift in her career. Especially Andrea Smith, his mother, tried in every way to help her daughter to reach success. Even using unorthodox methods.

Ronnie Cremer, the computer repairman and local musician from Reading, Pa., who taught Taylor Swift how to play guitar, casted a shadow over the education of Taylor Swift. He told to the Daily Mail: "She was always present during the lessons, and she wanted to decide everything for Taylor. This led me to stop working with her.”

According to Ronnie Cremer, the mother of Taylor Swift became obsessive, driven by the desire to make her daughter a pop star.

She tried to control every aspect of her life. In particular, the mother was very strict about what Taylor Swift could eat "I remember once a time Taylor’s brother, Austin, wanted a taco. The mother went out and brought him one. Taylor wanted it, as well. But she answered that she should eat only a salad: “nobody want to see a fat pop star.”

Taylor Swift Reveals the Hardest Part of Being a Pop Star

Taylor Swift has admitted that despite the fame and fortune, the anxieties she suffered as a young girl still harass her today. Explaining the pressures of soaring popularity since her first album at the age of 16, Taylor said more people now feel the right to know what is happening in her personal life.

'You have more and more people paying attention to what you’re doing and you’ve been doing it the same way your entire time as a songwriter but all of a sudden the perspective has changed,' she said.

'And they use you writing songs about your life kind of as a way to play detective.'