The information is from, where the following was written: in the scenery of the shooting of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is to be released next year, Darth Vader’s helmet and his armour have already appeared. Moreover, according to sources closely related to the production, on the latter the buttons were even flashing!

This is fully credible, as this film is set before the 1977 movie, and is about those heroic rebels who were led by a brave commando woman (Felicity Jones), and stole the plans of the Death Star in order to give it back to Leia.

Making Star Wars has been quite reliable if we talked about the freshest Star Wars news, and they always tried to get a source closely related to Star Wars if there had been any supposedly fake rumours (for example when rumours were spread about ewoks appearing in 7th part).


Now they managed to figure out that only one Vader-armour was at the store of Rouge One’s shooting. If the emperor’s right hand has an important role in the film then there should be more different customs for the actor, his stunt, and for different settings.

There have been rumours about Vader’s comeback for years

Darth Vader hasn’t been mentioned for the first time now as the reuse of the iconic character. It was written in 2012 that Disney would surely bring back one of the most well-known antagonists of film history in some form. Last summer many new Star Wars 7 rumours and News stated that Vader will appear in a flashback scene in The Force Awakens, when the Emperor conspires with the secret Sith group of his most loyal followers.

Might Hayden Christensen snuff again?

According to the information the staff of the newest movie is currently shooting in Pinewood, England and they will move to the USA where Hayden Christensen will be trained for his duties.

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Some speculate that his role won’t only be smiling at the old Luke as a hologram, but he will use his light sword in a flashback scene. Why else would he have to train?

The Force Awakens will surely be in cinemas on 18th Decdember, Rouge One connecting the two old trilogies on 16th December in 2016, and Star Wars 8 will be released on 26th May in 2017.