Frank Dillane, who played Voldemort’s role, hasn’t become as successful as Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe yet, but we are nowhearing about him again: he will be the protagonist of one of the most expected series of the summer: Fear the Walking Dead.

The actorfrom London played his very first film role at the age of six in 1997, in the war dramaWelcome to Sarajevo, but maybe he was not fascinated by the world of films as his next role came only in 2009, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in which he had to impersonate the younger version of the story’s villain, Voldemort.

Most of Harry Potter’s child actors continued their careers after the wizard movies, but Dillane didn’t invest much energy in filming, as after impersonating Tom Riddle he acted only in 2012 again in the comedy titled Papadopoulos & Sons.

Based on the above, we could think that for 24-year-old Dillane acting is only a hobby, but we couldn’t be more mistaken as the young actor raised his career into a new level, and we can see him repeatedly on TV and cinema scenes as well. Recentlyhe appeared in the new Netflix series of J.

Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis,Sense8, for three episodes. But it’s even more important that he got the main role of the co-series of Walking Dead, which is debuting on August 24th.

Fear the Walking Dead is set in Los Angeles months before the start of The Walking Dead,which is in its sixth season now. In the first season, which contains six episodes, we can witness how the mysterious virus destroys the human civilization. In the focus of the series there is a family of four that will have to face the zombie apocalypse, and Frank Dillane will impersonate the problematic child of this family.

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Dillane works not only on series; he doesn’t neglect movies either. This year we can see him in a sea adventure movie Heart of the Sea, directed by Ron Howard, by the side of Chris Hemsworth and Cillian Murphy, and two more movies are being prepared as well (Viena and the Fantomes and Astral).

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