The star of Fast and the Furiousmovies jealously guards his family’s private life. Since the birth of Pauline, only a few photos have been published on which the baby’s face can be seen. ButVin Diesel made an exception and showed the baby to his fanatics.Pauline, the third child of Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez, was born in March.

On a freshly published photo it can be seen that she already hasmore hair than her famous father.Pauline isfour-month-old and she has grown a lot since her last public photo was posted.

On his Instagram account, Vin Diesel showed how he was having fun with his youngest child in a cute picture for the pleasure of the fans.

The proud father shows his children quite rarely, up until now he has shared only a few photos of Pauline in social media. Fans could see the baby from behind when Diesel showed much kindness to them on Father’s Day by posting a cute festal playsuit picture.

Out of respect, Vin Diesel named his youngest child Pauline after his friend and colleague, Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in November 2013. That time the famous star commented the following on the event in an earlier interview:

In the delivery room I felt Paul was also there.

I was thinking of him when I cut the umbilical cord. I felt that I was preserving his memory not only for the world but for my family as well. Paul became a father much before I did, so I learnt from him how to do it.

Not many know that the star’s birth name is Mark Sinclair Vincent, and he became an actor only due to a coincidence. At the age of seven he went into an empty building with his friends, but as it turned out, the building wasn’t empty. There was a rehearsal of an acting troupe. The troupe’s leader punished the “bad boys” by hiring them for the play, and gave them $20with a condition that they learn their scripts and appear at the rehearsals every day at four o’clock.

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That’s how Vin has become a professional, paid actor and by now one of the most popular bad boys on the movie screen.

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