With four out of the top five highest-grossing films worldwide in 2015 under their belt, Universal Studios has dominated the box office. Already grossing 1.2 billion more domestically than in 2014 - thank you, Jurassic World and Minions! – and with ten movies remaining to be released by the end of December, this is sure to be one of their most profitable years yet.

Jurassic World pulled in more than 1.5 billion worldwide and broke 23 box office records, dethroning other hits such as The Dark Knight and The Avengers.

Starring Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio, and including B.D. Wong (starting to feel like a Law & Order episode, anyone?) the film had enough nostalgic value for the previous generation, while captivating new fans with all things louder, bigger, scarier. For those who do not enjoy the increasingly life-like CGI dinosaurs, peppered in was a fairly enjoyable romantic side-plot with the beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard.

Though topping the craze surrounding the Jurassic franchise would be highly unlikely, that does not mean Universal Studios will be running out of steam.

Between twin gangsters, a group of men with a passion for music, and impending disaster on Mount Everest, here are three movies in the next three months to watch out for:

Straight Outta Compton, August 14 –Five young men rise out of Compton, California - five young men with raw talent; with stories and injustices that needed to be heard. Assembled by Easy-E in 1986, N.W.A may have disbanded by 1991, though they impacted social culture for years to come.

This biographical drama may feature one well known name (Paul Giamatti), though the true star to watch out for will be none other than the offspring of an original N.W.A. member: O’Shea Jackson, Jr. This being his first acting credit, Jackson is sure to emanate an authenticity for the role that only the flesh and blood of Ice Cube could muster.

Everest, September 18 –Piercing winds reaching 175 miles per hour, the cutting air a cruel 35 degrees below zero; the month of May is a small window for an ambitious few to avoid Mother Nature’s usual devastating power on Mount Everest.

Two separate expedition groups, fueled by their desire to accomplish the near impossible, embark on their journey up the mountain in May of 1996. This biographical disaster drama retells what is known of the men and women trapped in a blizzard that caused the deaths of 8 climbers. With iconic names like Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, and Robin Wright on the roster, the film is guaranteed to please even the most critical of movie-goers.

Legend, October 2 –Never heard of the Kray brothers? If Tom Hardy (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) has anything to do with it, you will not forget them anytime soon.

Identical twins, Reginald and Ronald, have their way with London in the 1960s as charismatic nightclub owners – and as ruthless gangsters. Before the Krays’ eventual downfall in 1968, they shared the limelight in the Swinging London scene with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland.Tom Hardy, previously starring as Bane in the ever popular The Dark Knight Rises, has a certain mischievous charm that will allow him to fade seamlessly into the Swinging London backdrop.

With refreshingly original films and A-list acting to boot, the question is not if you will see a movie this season - it's how many.

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