Finally, the black hood is down, and the fans are shocked as Charles is not whom we thought to be. Many years of guessing was ended in the season finale of Pretty Little Liars as it turned out who the mysterious “A” was, who liked terrorizing the inhabitants of Rosewood.

During the years, the producer of the series, Marlene King made a lot of hints about what signs we should have been looking for in the episodes. However, the fans might have felt misguided after last night when we could know that CeCe Drake wore the black sweatshirt and made hell her beloved sister’s, Alison’s and her friends’ lives.

As Marlene has promised, some of the earlier secrets have also been revealed. So we could see how Bethany Young calmly killed Toby’s mother, why Sara Harvey put on that red coat and black veil, and why Charles/CeCe knocked Alison down on that particular night.

Millions of fans had been waiting for the outcome to find out who that “A” was. However, the episode which revealed the secret of “A” wasn’t too successful among the fans of the series. Many of them blamed the producers of the series that they had been maintaining the interest of the fans for nothing for many years.

So after the news the fans split into two groups, and the dissatisfied ones still think this is just a new twist from the producers and when the characters come back after the vacation, they will show the reassuring truth.

Just to mention some sentences from the comments of the disappointed fans: “I have spent five years of my life for this sh*t. The best was when we thought Ezra was ‘A’. CeCe can’t be ‘A’... she must be covering someone. Don’t be so naive, people! But if the story ends up like this, I’ll grab my camera and shoot my own version of ‘A’...”

Of course, the series is not over, the characters just go on a longer resting and they will come back to the screen only in January now five years older.

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As it turned out in the finale, they won’t be bored, and there are even more surprises waiting for us.

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