Pierce Brosnan,the star of James Bond movies, cut a dash in Los Angeleswhen he entered the action movie No Escapepremiere with a group of handsome guys.Of course, Brosnan didn’t give up on action after his four James Bond movies: last year he impersonated a CIA agent in November Man, and in his newest film, action-thriller No Escape, he gets into trouble in foreign land by the side of Owen Wilson.The film also stars Lake Bell,Sterling Jerins and Claire Geare, who also visited the event.

No Escape, directed by John Erick Dowdle, is not an ordinary production as it started out quite difficultly.

Namely, they started working on it in 2010, then the filming itself started only in 2013 and itcould be released only this year.

This was due to distribution problems and its story’s sensitive topic as well, because the action is about an American family’s trip to Cambodia and their desperate struggling for life there because of the riots and civil wars.

In the movie, the mainly comedian Owen Wilson, who said "I would prefer not to see myself on the big screen. I’m never a big fan on watching myself,” and whom we couldn’t have seen in such a rough film, impersonates Jack Dwyer, the father.

The other main figure is Hammond formed by Pierce Brosnan, who joins them during their escape. No Escape, which is expected to be ruthlessly fast-paced and disturbing, debutsin American theaterson August 26th.

Brosnan seemed to have a great time with his sons on the red carpet, and the boys weren’t anxious about the event either. The actor adopted his first wife’s two children, Christopher and Charlotte in 1986 after their father’s death, so he has altogether four sons. Brosnan’s adopted daughter, Charlotte, died in 2013 at the age of 42.

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His sons, 31-year-old Sean (he's an actor and will be seen in the upcoming TV series, No Easy Days), 18-year old Dylan and 14-year-old Paris were lucky to inherit the actor’s features, and they especially looked well together.Sometime-James BondPierce Brosnan,the nicely aging, handsome actor was a quite nice team with his good-looking descendants.

Sean, who in spite of his bleached hair and significant facial hair takes after his dad very much, was born during the actor’s first marriage. Brosnan’s first wife, Cassandra Harris, died of cancer in 1991, and three years later Brosnan fell in love with journalist Keely Shaye Smith who bore his two younger sons: Dylan Thomas in 1991, and Paris Backett in 2001 (and the couple got married that year as well).

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