In a developing story, Morgan Freeman’s step granddaughter, E’Dena Hines,was killed in New York City. She was aged 33 andwas found dead during Sunday morning outside her humble abode. As per the police sources,Hines was lying dead with clear signs of multiple stabbing in her chest. Nevertheless, she was taken to the local hospital, where she was declared dead. Moreover, a suspect was taken by police into custody and later shifted to a hospital.

Public acknowledgment by Freeman

Morgan Freeman was grieved on the News of her step-granddaughter’s death and issued a statement to People magazine: "She will continue shining in our hearts, prayers and thoughts Rest in peace."

He further went on to say that "The world will truly miss her extraordinary talents and artistry’." Lastly, he acknowledged the generous condolences from fans worldwide saying "I take this moment to acknowledge the massive love and support from people and fans worldwide over her sudden death.

I am sincerely touched." He communicated through Facebook.

Lamar Davenport was allegedly shouting something religious as he mercilessly stabbed his girlfriend E’Dina on the street. He will undergo a psychiatric assessment after getting discharged from hospital. On Monday, he was charged with murder in second degree.

The residence of E’Dena Hines was at West 162nd Street, New York City. The Harlem hospital crew pronounced the 33-year-old victim, dead upon arrival. She wasin an ongoing relationship with Davenport.

Religious connotations

As per reliable sources, Lamar Davenport was doing some form of exorcism on her girlfriend. On site witnesses and law enforcement agencies have credible evidence suggesting that it was an exorcism.

As per one witness, Lamar Davenport screamed "get out, devils, I cast you out, devil. I cast you out in the name of Jesus Christ."

The deceased 33-year-old was related to Morgan Freeman from his first marriage, to a woman named Jeanette Adiar Bradshaw. Hines was her granddaughter. Morgan Freeman and Jeanette filed for divorce in 1979 as marriage failed to work.

Freeman was known to refer to her as granddaughter.

E’Dena Hines was a talented actress, had prior training and worked along youngsters.

Rumor mill

An American tabloid gained traction in 2009 by publishing news of Morgan Freeman marrying E’Dina Hines. The actor quashed the news as falsified and attention-seeking attempts.

He made it clear that he had no intention of marrying his own granddaughter. Moreover, even E’Dina Hines retaliated to the derogatory news saying that it hurt her and family’s feelings.

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