Hollywood mega celebrity Megan Fox has separated from her husband Brian Austin Green. The last five years were a marital bliss for both. The split has been due to strained issues between both, inside sources reveal. As per recent photos, Brain Austin has been spotted having lunch with his 13-year old son in Beverly Hills.

How it happened

During the peak of their relationship, the two gushed over each other. Brian Austin Green, who became famous with the show 90210, made a cameo appearance in an ABC comedy TV show, Hope & Faith, back in 2004. Megan Fox appeared in the same episode. They gotengaged two years later, but Fox was very young – 20 at the time.

In 2010 they hadan extravagant private wedding at Four Seasons in Hawaii. As per Brian, it was the best decision of his life as they exchanged wedding vows.

Cracks in the rocks

As per rumor mill, there were certain signs of the fledgling relationship between the two. Lately, the couple weren’t seen together publicly, appearing separately on different occasions. They were given the benefit of the doubt due to busy movie schedules and being private off-camera as a legitimate excuse.

Red flags started to appear when the 90210 star appeared on Flipping-Out TV show. It shows him and his co-stars renovating a house for the family to move in, including Megan Fox with sons Bodhi and Noah. Surprisingly, Megan appeared to be a no-show throughout the series’ run, raising eyebrows from co-stars.

Brian Green Austin kept stonewalling his co-stars. Still unconvinced?

The last nail in the coffin was Brian’s refusal to continue the renovation of the house, signaling ‘rocky territory’ and raising eyebrows. During the 7th episode of the reality TV show, Jeff Lewis received a call from torn star, voicing his willingness to sell the house instead of moving in it.

Having given no proxy reason to his sudden and abrupt decision, the final conclusion is all too ‘apparent’.

As per most reports, the split occurred during the ongoing TV show. The power couple had decided to distance themselves from each other for half a year. The couple remains in touch with each other, for the sake of their children, they have diverse interests on their minds, however.

Present situation

The Hollywood A-list celebs had two sons from their marriage, Bodhi Green and Noah Green. More so, Brian Austin Green has another 13-year old son named Kassius Green from his previous marriage with 90210 actress Vanessa Marcil.

The couple was last seen together in June this year. Brian (42) was spotted still wearing his wedding ring, while Megan (29) got rid of it. Sources say the couple were torn between work-life balance, since Brian wanted her domesticated as she flogs movie roles one by one, whilst busy shooting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel in New York City. Brian on the other hand, was done with his season’s conclusion of Anger management TV show.

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