Kirsten Stewart, the famous star of Twilight movies, is posing on a magazine cover with her new cool hairstyle wearing a ripped shirt, and talking about her newest stoner action movie: American Ultra. She also responded to the rumours about her sexual orientation. 

Premiering August 21st, we'll be able to see her in a stoner action-comedy, American Ultra, in which Jesse Eisenberg impersonates Stewart’s boyfriend who becomes a killing machine suddenly. The action role doesn’t seem as a big professional challenge as the roles impersonated in Still Alice or Clouds of Sils Maria, but Stewart takes all her duties seriously.

“Before shooting any of my movies independently of the genre I always fear.

American Ultra is just a stoner comedy, but the role was physically exhausting and that we have to tell such an absurd story in a way that it doesn’t become unbelievable craziness” – said the actress about her filming experiences.

In her interview to Nylon magazine the 25-year-old Kirsten Stewart talked not only about the adventures of filming but she reacted to the yellow press News in which journalists have been asking her about her sexual identity.

Stewart’s mother has confirmed lately to English newspaper Sunday Mirror that her daughter is dating Alicia Cargile, a professional dealing with visual effects. Jules Stewart also said that she had accepted that her daughter likes men and women as well.

Since the popularity of Twilight movies, Stewart has been fighting with yellow press and she is only smiling at her older colleagues’ advices as she thinks that they have no idea how worse the situation has become since the Internet appeared.

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The actress undertakes her current relationship as well.

“I’m not hiding. Google me and you'll see! There are some people who feel it necessary to precisely define their sexual orientation, which is all right. But I’m an actress living in a constant ambiguity.” Stewart thinks that in a few years’ time there will be much more people who don’t think that they have to categorize their sexual orientation.

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