The television star who is known for breaking the internet and making her 42,8 million Instagram fans wait impatiently for her next post has been asked to remove one of her photos from the social media site. Kim Kardashian West, famously known for taking selfies and giving lessons on how to do ithas been warned by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The expecting mother of her second baby posted a photo on Instagram where she appears to be promoting an antiemetic medication called Diclegis. On Tuesday, the FDA sent a warning letter (PDF) to Duchesnay USA, the drug maker, after seeing Kim K's endorsement of the product; the regulatory bodyadvised against the post as it does not mention potential side effects that come with the drug and any risks it may have to her unborn baby.

The Kardashian queen, who recently referred to herself as a feministin an interview, credited the photo by saying she was so pleased with the results that she will be partnering with the pharmaceutical company (which markets Diclegis), to raise awareness about treating morning sickness. Not only are there many natural remedies to treat morning sickness, but being pregnant comes with difficult and uncomfortable situations that every mother has endured long before drugs came into play. Having said that, there are many pregnant women who suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum (persistent severe vomiting) which can lead to weight loss and dehydration. Expecting mothers who suffer from this complication seek medical help from their obstetrician as this condition may be life threatening if not treated.

Kim K recently expressed her difficulties with fertility at the age of 34 and wants her second pregnancy to go smoothly, hence why she decided to opt forDiclegis. Along with the selfie, Kim K also provided a link to the website and encourages her followers to "check it out" for more information; unfortunately the post omitted all safety information and has since been taken down.

I did some research on the drug myself and found that the long list of side effects are things that all pregnant women go through at some point during their pregnancy. Dizziness, constipation, diarrhea, headache, trouble sleeping and upset stomach are only some of the side effects associated with the drug.

The website that the selfie star provided us with also mentions that the drug be used with caution especially if one is partaking in activities that require mental alertness.

My advice to Kim K is to consult her personal assistant before posting any selfies on Instagram, especially ones including products or services that she promotes on her social media pages. For the women out there suffering from severe sicknessand are against using medication during pregnancy, try these home remedies. Keep hydrated by taking small sips, get a lot of rest and accept that some of your delicious cravings may be the cause of your nausea.

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