AMC’s latest outing, Fear the Walking Dead premiered yesterday owing its popularity factor to hit TV series, The Walking Dead. The casting is new and story-arc is independent of the original TV show. More so, the setting is apocalyptic era, where air travel is off limits.

The only similarity between Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead is the world and zombies. Zombies pervade the atmosphere abiding the established norms. Zombies are living-dead entities, destroyed by a fatal blow in the head. More so, humans are infected from their bites, the virus can be removed by cutting infected body parts.

Thence, in terms of story-arc, the two are set in different world’s altogether.

Fear the Walking Dead:Criticism

Prior to premiering, AMC and Fear the Walking Dead has received enormous criticism for monetizing their hit TV show, The Walking Dead, without adding newer elements and recycling similar plot gimmicks. AMC is habitual since it proceeded to broadcast Better Call Saul as a spin-off to Breaking Bad, showing Saul as a solo act. At best, it feels a desperate attempt to amplify viewership after Breaking Bad and Mad Men concluded successfully. With The Walking Dead running strong, AMC seems to milk the cash-cow to the maximum.

The Walking Dead:Season 2 confirmed

The opening season consists of six episodes, with the second season expected to be upgraded to 15 episodes.

Thence, the entire year will be saturated by zombie-showdown content on AMC’s broadcast feed. However, it does have one advantage over its predecessor, independence from source material. As the case with The Walking Dead, the TV series inherited and altered the comics. The Walking Dead killed the characters as the comics dictated, in a different manner though.

Thence, fans were apprehensive, yet unsure of predicted deaths.

Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead) is working for plot development, working independent of the source material. It works its own way around, creating its own destiny and keeping fans guessing. The predecessor’s trump card was Norman Reedus (played as Daryl), an independent creation with no roots ingrained in comics.

His appealing character owes to his acting prowess and his unpredictable death. Keeping the reigns tight, it could be a game-changer for AMC yet again.

The constant push-pull between comic-TV show is a thrilling ride, as the predecessor tore away from the original plotlines multiple times. Hence, the threat of constant pre-spoiler was evident in case of predecessor.

Fear the Walking Dead:Reviews

Finally, the TV show premiered on Sunday and it was a bitter disappointment (too early?) after six blood-soaked seasons. It was predictable and boringly prolonged. It’s designed to be a prequel to The Walking Dead, showing Los Angeles as the center stage of human vs. zombie conflict. On the other hand, the cinematography is pure excellence, for a pilot episode.

As the case with predecessor, it starts slow but ends on a strong note. Thence, audience is fixated with it. Still, too early to judge.

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