It's a sad day for Bobbi Kristina’s loved ones because today marks the day to bid their final goodbyes to the 22-year-old only daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston. An "invitation only” funeral service took place in Atlanta that allowed close friends and family to pay their final respects to Bobbi. Family members requested that guests present valid IDs upon arrival. This step was done to make sure that nobody uninvited would attempt to enter the intimate ceremony. On Monday, Bobbi will have her burial service in New Jersey and lie beside her mother at the Fairview Cemetery. Whitney died in 2012 after overdosing oncocaine.

The day leading up to Bobbi’s burial service was not without drama. Two of her aunts are believed to have a feud, with one posting shocking claims on Facebook.

Apart from this, Nick Gordon reportedly begged Bobby Brown to allow him inside the funeral service. Nick sent Bobby an email requesting the latter to set differences aside and let him see Bobbi for the last time. Even for the sake of Bobbi’s funeral, Bobby forbade Nick from attending Bobbi’s funeral service (Nick was Bobbi’s partner from 2012 until the moment of her untimely death).

As the time of funeral service drew near, relatives from the Brown and Houston family were seen gathered outside the Church (St. James United Methodist) where the funeral service will take place.

The funeral service implemented very tight security, but onlookers were still present around the Church. A group of locals gathered to pay respect to the 22-year-old. The Mayor of Atlanta and his wife were also in attendance, giving Bobby and the rest of the Browns much-needed support throughout this ordeal.

Bobbi Kristina reportedly had a “Sweet Sixteen” themed funeral service in Atlanta. It is her relatives’ bid to celebrate her life and allow her to have the Sweet Sixteen she never had.She had been in a coma for six months prior to her death (and she was originally found unconscious in a bathtub prior to that).

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