Shortly after Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards broke up, the sometime dream couple’s luxury home that they bought two month ago is already for sell. It hasn’t been a week since one of their close friends made their break-up public, and the journalists wanting some scandal visited the heartbroken Perrie – with whom her fiancé broke up in a text message, while the 22-year old singer’s group were celebrating Little Mix’s number one single, Black Magic.

“This is simply unbelievable, Zayn is acting like an immature teenager and has no thought for anyone else’s feelings. Perrie is one of the cutest girls in the world, and she stood by him through thick and thin. And Zayn arranged to break-up by sending a text message” – said indignantly a friend close to both of them to Hollywood Life.

Not a long time ago, Perrie declared that she was all right in spite of the incident, but it must be difficult to get over the break-up, not even mentioning that they will get rid of their recently bought shared house because of Zayn.

The 100000 m2big house is located in London, has five bedrooms and it had been a soccer player’s property earlier. According to the plans they wanted to live in that house together after the marriage.

The futuristic-looking luxury property has its own gym, cinema, pool and a jacuzzi, and there has been a dog kennel done as well in which Perrie’s and Zayn’s Pomeranian puppy called Hatchi has also found home.

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Even though they moved in together to the beautiful house, Zayn asked Perrie on the occasion of the break-up that as she had been spending time in the USA she should move out first. They haven’t talked much since that. Zayn is relentless, Perrie has to move out. She is in the USA, probably her parents will take her stuff away by the time she comes back,” said a friend to Mirror.

As the house is already on the real estate market, its owners let the cameras into the property so we could see in what luxurious environment Perrie Edwards and Zayn Maik had been living together for two months.

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