The unique PR campaign of the cycle of interviews with famous people on a topic of importance of the foreign language knowledge was launched by the team of the online platform for linguistic freelancers 2Polyglot. First of all, interviews are aimed to popularize learning foreign languages by young specialists.

The first interview in the cycle was by Stereolizza (Ekaterina Shalayeva). Few people know that the singer of world-wide known hit X.Y.Z. in fact was born in Russia.

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She was raised, graduated from the Institute of International relations and started her career in Ukraine where she and her parents had to move for after the USSR disappeared.

It's almost seven years since Stereolizza has been living in Los Angeles with her team, so she realizes very well how much important the knowledge of foreign languages can be. That's why the famous singer gave some advice specially to the audience of freelance service.

The singer supposes that when a person just learns a language, it remains passive. It is very important to practice communication skills. People may have an excellent grammar, pass tests with a high grade, but when it comes to communication, they become lost and think that spent years on learning the language were in vain. To Stereolizza's opinion, this is not true. All this bundle of knowledge people accumulate will be activated at the right time. All the skills kept on the distant shelves of the unconscious mind suddenly emerge.

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They shouldn't be scared of communication and should not be afraid to make mistakes. It's necessary to relax and to imagine as if it's a native language.

When arriving in the U.S. the famous singer took some extra work in order to entrench herself because when she came here she was not a star everybody knows and loves, so for the first time the young star had to work hard. Stereolizza added that many Americans write grammatically incorrectly, making a lot of mistakes. They asked her how to write one or another word in English. She also appreciates Ukrainian language school and encourages citizens of an Eastern European country to be proud of it.

The famous performer also provided the startup with her own feedback, "I wish 2polyglot a great popularity! I'm sure that such a project is of great importance and demand. That's why it has a bright future."

Next celebrity in the frames of a PR campaign on the linguistic platform will be a Spanish singer Zhanna who is originally from Ukraine. She is going to tell her own opinion and her own story how exactly good knowledge of foreign language helped her in a music career.