I doubt any of you reading tis article is familiar with the name Simon Skyfall. He was born in England in 1966 as a son of Hungarian immigrants. After a career as a police detective, he became a walk on set actor. He had quite an interesting life considering hardly anyone knows him anywhere. He calls himself Simon Skyfall because he was very excited to have made it into three scenes in the 2013 James Bond movie Skyfall. He is married, father of a 16 year old daughter, loves aviation and was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer two weeks before his 48th birthday.

But instead of giving up, or feeling sorry for himself, he started writing a blog and joined Twitter, mainly to help others who are trying to come to terms with a similar situation, but also because he sees it as therapeutic to make sense of his life and illness.

He writes about his history, family and experiences. He shares good days, like the one when he drove an Aston Martin on the race track, as well as bad days due to side effects of his treatments and medications. Simon knows his life may have been cut short, but he keeps a positive attitude. He is fighting his illness, determined to beat it and tries to make every day count.

I met Simon on Twitter after a friend told me he had been in a scene with Luke Evans in the 2015 movie Dracula Untold. He was happy to meet new people, and politely thanked me for my follow with a friendly tweet. I checked out his page and noticed the last line on his bio "Oh yeah, nearly forgot, I have cancer, never mind." He appreciates every new follow and the support and love he receives from his Twitter friends.

Knowing the ugly side of social media, it is nice to see that it also has a human element, and can be used to help and reach out to others.

When I asked Simon if it was alright with him to share his story, his response was "It would be a privilege and an honor to be a part of this and being able to help out." I am very impressed and moved by this kind and amazing man who is living his life one day at a time.

If you want to find out more about this inspiring person, you can look him up and read his blog, or try to make his dream of reaching 1000 followers on Twitter come true and follow him @SimonSkyfall.

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