Never has an actor's hair been so speculated about! Kit Harington who plays/played the beloved hero Jon Snow on HBO's Game of Thrones appeared at Wimbledon this week, teasing those who believe 'What is dead may never die' with his contractual Jon Snow look still intact. If you are a fan of the series and have not yet seen the final episode of season 5 -Spoiler Alert!

Our favorite bastard is betrayed by his brothers of the Nights Watch who stab him repeatedly and leave him to die in the snow.

Both Harington and show producers DB Weiss and David Benioff have denied a resurrection, despite hints within the series and George R.R. Martin's book 'A Dance With Dragons' that Jon will somehow live on.

Harington has admitted that he is not a big fan of the mop of hair and full beard he has been contractually required to grow and keep for the series. So with Jon supposedly dead, every time the poor guy steps out of his house unshorn, fans desperately cling to the hope that he is returning for season 6, theorizing wildly over many hints that this is the case, the hair being the most concrete evidence yet.

Game Of Thrones is a tricky beast. We are lulled into a false sense of security then brutally reminded that no character is ever safe, however much we love them. Although we speculate that the show's creators are bluffing, perhaps Harington was asked to keep Jon's hair to encourage this speculation, double bluffing to maintain hype surrounding the show between seasons. It could suggest his brand benefits from the hair and the hype, it's also quite possible he needs his rugged, sex appeal for another project or appearances to promote his upcoming Martin Koolhoven movie Brimstone. With Game of Thrones and their sneaky you never can be sure.

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Talking hype, since the beginning of the show, the unclear origins of Jon Snow's character have certainly been hyped on screen with references to his parentage dropped in for what only seemed like subtle reminders of its importance. This mystery fueled by additional hints throughout the books has been building up to an expected identity reveal that would be pointless if Jon is really gone. Yes, Game of Thrones is cruel and has its own rules, but for Martin and the show's creators this does seem like an epic waste. Consider the well-timed return of the red witch Melisandre to Castle Black, a priestess looking for the reincarnation of her God (that some believe is actually Jon), with the possible power to raise the dead. There are many other fan theories such as Jon becoming a white walker or waging into the mind of his wolf Ghost. With Martin having revealed Jon as one of 5 characters he sees as surviving to the end, it is understandable why fans refuse to buy into his death.

With filming for season 6 due to begin soon, the focus on poor Kit Harington's hair will no doubt go on unless he keeps a low profile!

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