Since her wardrobe makeover in 2012, courtesy of her designer husband Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has become a fashion icon. She is a regular in the front row at the most coveted fashion shows in the world, and she has covered Vogue. Twice.

Kardashian's latest cover is for the July edition of Rolling Stone, and it is very different from the high fashion covers she has been doing recently. On the cover, Kim wears big hoop earrings, a sailor's hat and a nautical tank top pulled way down to reveal her bra and cleavage.

It feels forced compared to the edgy, high fashion looks she normally wears.

The cover makes sense however, when you consider the photographer: Terry Richardson, often creepily referred to as "Uncle Terry" in the industry. Richardson has come under fire several times for his highly sexualized and exploitative photo shoots featuring young models. He has been accused of using his influential position to coerce young models into sexual acts and photo shoots. Most recently, Richardson released a video of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy in an itsy bitsy bikini without her consent.

The video went viral, and Upton joined the growing list of models that refuse to work with Richardson.

Stranger than Kardashian's forced sexy look on the cover, is that she chose the accompanying interview as the time to say that she is a feminist. It seems unlikely that Kardashian is unaware of Richardson's reputation, and given her powerful position in the fashion industry, it is also unlikely that she needs his blessing to maintain a successful career.

So it seems doubly bizarre that she discussed feminism while letting herself be photographed by Richardson.

On the bright side, Kardashian's revelation that she is a feminist is a welcome break from many female Celebrities who have declared that they are not feminists over the past year. Kardashian partially conceded the discomfort that many of these celebrities have felt when asked if they are feminists stating, "I don't like to push my view…but yeah, I think you would call me a feminist."

Not only does she not like to push her views, but Kardashian's public persona has until now been deliberately bland.

She is pretty, sweet, and not too politicized; the ideal canvass, primed for any endorsement deal, which may explain why she never spoke out about feminism before. However, in recent months her bland image has begun to change.

Following the birth of her daughter with Kanye West, Kardashian began to discuss her opinions on a variety of salient cultural and political issues. First she took a stance on racism and discrimination, when she wrote a blog post following an experience on a flight from Vienna to LA. This past summer Kardashian was also an outspoken advocate for the recognition of the Armenian genocide, even flying to Armenia and meeting with the Prime Minister on the 100th anniversary.

More recently, Kardashian has publicly supported Caitlyn Jenner's transition, and trans rights overall.

Now, Kim Kardashian has called herself a feminist. The announcement could be a big step for feminist advocacy, given Kardashian's enormous following. However, it also smacks of something rotten given her cover shoot with Richardson. Perhaps the Rolling Stone shoot was just a bit of a misstep, or perhaps it calls more attention to the "I think you would…" part of her statement.

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