This week's episode of Zoo brings with it a level of cohesiveness that we haven't yet seen. Though scattered events of abnormal animal behavior have been occurring across the globe, this is the first time we're introduced to a kind of global task force aimed at combating this widespread threat.

In Slovenia, the body of the adoptive Father slain by the pack of wild dogs is recovered (along with the bodies of six other victims). Chloe is on the scene investigating, along with the mysterious man that approached her in the previous episode -- a kind of Nick Fury to the task force's Avengers, if you will.

In Tokyo, Jackson and Abraham locate an address, and find the late Dr. Oz' wife living there. Turns out that she was his assistant and helped him carry out his experiments on a nearby island with high radiation levels -- a place the three of them are quickly off to.


Their progress is immediately halted, however, as their small plane is ambushed by a horde of bats (all flying at an uncharacteristically high elevation). The plane crashes, leaving the pilot and their best link to unlocking the mystery (Oz' wife) dead, as Jackson and Abraham are left to fend for themselves on the island.

Jamie and Mitch are off to her hometown of New Orleans to meet with a Senator whose made it his life's work to bring down Raiden Global. Almost as soon as they make it through the door, however, their theories and suspicions regarding Raiden Global and the unusual animal behavior are shut down -- suggesting that this conspiracy may be even more far-reaching than even Jamie thought.

Jackson and Abraham make their way on foot to the research headquarters where Oz Sr.

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conducted his experiments, and they're immediately greeted by two blind horses (their eyes were intentionally removed). Jackson begins to piece together the puzzle, concluding that the higher levels of radiation somehow accelerated the mutation process -- and that the entire island functioned as a giant petrie dish:

"The eyes are the window to the soul. Perception stains reality. What if the defiant pupil is a signifier that the way the animals see the world is now changing? It's affecting how they interpret what they see - what used to be a friend is now an enemy."

We're also introduced to a Death Row inmate in Biloxi (who sees a lone wolf scouting outside the prison grounds). Prior to his execution, he comes face to face with the widow of a man he killed. He has absolutely no sympathy or regret regarding his actions, and, his antagonizing, unapologetic manner sends the widow out in a fit of rage and humiliation. As she exits the grounds with the Warden in tow, however, the wolves make their move: out of nowhere a pack of wolves storms the Warden and infiltrates the prison.

What transpires next is perhaps the most frighteningly gruesome sequence this show has done to date, as the pack of wolves descends upon the prison with blood-thirst and fury. The facility catches fire after one of the wolves attacks a cook, causing hot oil to spill upon open flame and ignite.

As the episode reaches its climax, we see all the main characters brought together in one place, as Jackson, Abraham, Jamie, Mitch, and Chloe come together to address the epidemic that has infected the globe (the animal population, at least). Will their combined skills, knowledge, and expertise unravel the mystery, or is it already too late?

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