The interrogation of the captive Synth opens this weeks' episode of AMC's Humans, as the mysterious scientist attempts to extract information regarding the whereabouts of the other Rogue Synth's. For the time being, however, it appears that the Rogue Synth's are "safe."

The main plot line this week focuses on the power struggle between Anita and Laura (as Laura continues to feel as though she's being replaced. When Anita saves the life of Laura's son (shielding him from an oncoming van) Laura's attempt to return Anita is halted by this act of heroism.

While Laura appears to descend into a kind of madness, Anita continues to prove herself worthy and further weave herself into the family fabric.

While Laura is on her way home from the incident, Anita insists that Joe (as primary user) must "inspect" her for damage -- leading to a somewhat uncomfortable Joe examining Anita's bare "flesh" (as procedure requires).


This is a very powerful scene overall, the sexual tension is inescapable (and the seeds that were planted to further drive a wedge between Laura and the rest of her family have firmly taken hold).

Meanwhile, Niska is on the run as the authorities have discovered the body of the slain John. Protocol is in place to keep details of the "murder" from surfacing and causing mass hysteria. The scientist is on the scene to oversee the investigation and keep things as close to the vest as possible. It seems as though Niska isn't entirely sure what to do with her newfound freedom -- she tries to blend in and act human. She finds herself in a bar (and is subsequently picked up by a handsome stranger). Back at his place, she finds the hair tie of another woman (presumably), leading her into a brief fit of T-1000-esque rage as she seems hellbent on adding to her fledgling body count.

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She walks in with a kitchen knife behind her back, only to realize that the hair tie belongs to the man's daughter. Unsure of what to do, she leaves the knife on a chair and disappears. It's clear that she has a lot of anger stemming from her time as a sex worker, as well as her desire to be truly human, it'll be interesting to see how this plot unfolds in future episodes.

Dr. Millican embarks on a road trip with Odi as he maneuvers his way around his new, domineering Synth. The brief taste of freedom is just that, however. Odi's continued malfunction leads to him crashing the car he's driving into a tree. Without any other options available to him, Dr. Millican has no choice but to leave Odi behind in the wilderness (to keep him from being recycled) and return home -- a decision he instantly regrets as soon as he's greeted by his other, government-mandated Synth. 

Mattie continues her hacking ways and plugs Anita into her laptop, seeing something "off" with Anita's code raises alarm.

In doing this, Mattie also somehow bypasses Anita's programming, as we get a first glimpse of the "real" Anita behind the compliant demeanor -- and it's a cry for help. As soon as Mattie unplugs in a panic, however, Anita is back to her machine-like ways, and the momentary glimpse of what truly lies beneath vanishes completely.

As the episode concludes, Max and Leo manage to trace Anita's code after Mattie posts it online. Leo and Max also refer to Anita as Mia (giving us a first glimpse of what her life was like when she was with them). Anita and Laura are still engaged in their power struggle, and the dialogue between them (while not blatantly combative) is still very heated and bubbling beneath the surface in a way that seems to foreshadow a full-fledged eruption later on.

What will become of Niska as she's hunted by the authorities? Of Odi as he wanders the wilderness? Of Anita?

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