Somebody is a good actress, somebody is a good singer, they are famous and they have something else too: special hair color.

Lucille Ball
We all love Lucy as a redhead, but the fact of the matter is she was born a brunette. First, she dyed it blonde, then bright red to stand out against other actresses. Needless to say, it was a good a move that suited her firecracker personality.

Marilyn Monroe
Born Norma Jean Mortenson (and a brunette), she changed her name to Marilyn Monroe and went to Hollywood's Frank and Joseph Salon in 1946 to became a golden blonde. Later, inspired by '30s film star Jean Harlow, she decided to go full-on platinum. Fun fact: she "liked to feel blonde over," which meant, yep-she dyed her pubic hair.

Rita Hayworth
Hayworth's dark red hue was her signature, but a controversial one at that. A Spanish beauty, she was born Margarita Carmen Cansino and had black hair before the studio dyed her hair the rich, flaming hue that helped her skyrocket to fame.

Christina Hendricks
As Hendricks told us herself, she was once a natural blonde. But she's practically a born-with-it redhead considering that she's been dyeing it since elementary school due to her obsession with Anne Of Green Gables. After her first dye job, she finally felt like herself. She felt that burst of energy, like, 'Yeah, It's finally me!-which is a pretty funny sentiment for a 10-year-old," she explained.

Karen Elson
Elson was born a strawberry blonde with "mousy hair." But as fate would have it, she was destined for her hallmark orange-red hue after Christina Hendricks gave her the push she needed, when they did a photo together.

Katy Perry
Perry wasn't just a California girl, but a natural California blonde. However, it wasn't until she dyed it jet-black à la Bettie Page that she really hit it big. The irony is that since she has dyed her hair every virtually *every* color of the rainbow(including Smurf blue, green, and purple), which is much harder to do on dark versus light hair.

Emma Stone 
Believe it or not, Stone is a natural blonde, but she's always felt more akin to a fiery shade of auburn. "I identify most with red hair," she told earlier. "My mom has red hair, she is a redhead. And perhaps I grew up seeing her more than seeing me in our mirror."
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