So winter is not coming for Kit Harington after all, at least not his career. It looks like John Snow is alive and well, but not, uh, John Snow at all any more. Kit Harington (What about that rumor that he will be back as a different more-dead, but alive version of John Snow?) has joined the cast of the feature film Brimstone. Martin Koolhoven will direct this flick that he also penned. Harrington will join Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce and the ultimately creepy Carice van Houten (The Red Woman from Game of Thrones) in this film about Fanning's character on the run from her sordid past all the while being chased by Pearce's meany-pants, and super-judgy Preacher.

The project is described as a "Western Thriller" and will be shot in Romania, Spain and Germany which lends a different brush stroke to the genre. This marks the first highly visible project for Martin Koolhoven who was born in the Netherlands and the son of a prison guard who mainly has made foreign language films.

Els Vandevorst (Dogville) of N279 Entertainment will produce alongside Uwe Schott (Cloud Atlas) of X-Filme.

Antonino Lombardo of Belgium's Prime Time, Peter Hiltunen of Dragon Films in Sweden and The Jokers' Manuel Chiche and Violaine Barbaroux from France are serving as co-producers.

Kit Harrington is replacing Robert Pattinson (no word on why) in the movie which begs the question; does Game of Thrones hold more weight than the beloved Twilight saga now? GOT cast members are getting a fair shake at hot roles including Gwendoline Christie who will be seen in the final Hunger Games and upcoming Star Wars installment, Emlia Clark is appearing as Sarah Conor in Terminator Genisys, Natalie Dormer is in the third installment of the Hunger Games and the zombie movie Patient Zero, Lena Headly will perform in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, meanwhile Peter Dinklage is in Pixels with Adam Sandler and Sophie Turner will be seen in upcoming X-Men Apocalypse and Mary Shelly's Monster.

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It looks like the cast of Brimstone was enough to pre-sell the film in Germany and France, so look for more Game of Thrones dead guys in your future Netflix on-demand line uap. They may have died on the show, but their spirits will live on in projects here to come.

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