While the Internet is rife with information, reports and speculations on 'The Walking Dead's spin-off series 'Fear The Walking Dead', seasoned viewers of its parent series are commencing guess-work on which fan-favorite character will see the chopping block in season six. The preceding season of the zombie drama saw the tragic deaths of sweet Beth, lovable Tyreese, recently introduced Noah and many others.

If one looks at Robert Kirkman's comic book series as an inspiration for speculation on which character is devoured by the undead, it's clear that Glenn and Carl are next. Glenn gets smacked in the head by menacing villain Negan, who is also the main upcoming antagonist on the AMC drama series. If that holds true, and assuming that the TV show strictly follows the comic series, fans will have to bid adieu to actor Steven Yeun.

Then again the world-famous horror show could deviate from its inspiration and shock fans by keeping the character alive. 'The Walking Dead' is famous for its onslaught of unexpected surprises.

The other highly speculated character that could meet its maker in the upcoming 'The Walking Dead' season 6 is Carl. Rick Grimes' son is shot inadvertently by Deanna in the eye in the comic book series. While he is seen being patched up by a new character named Alison, the books ends in a crucial cliff-hanger that leaves readers musing if the teenaged boy is truly saved or dead.

That being said, Rick Grimes' son could just as easily end up sporting an eye patch and carrying on in the comic book and TV series. However, no one is safe when it comes to the iconic AMC show.

A slew of new characters will be introduced in season six in order to fill the void left by the ones that bid an unfortunate farewell in season five. Heath, Heath's love interest Denise, Kirk, Kirk's wife Hilda and Alison could well be on their way to seeing the white light.

Kirk's wife Hilda dies in the comic books which sets the simple blue-collared worker Kirk off the edge. It's heavily rumored that Hilda is the first casualty of season six of 'The Walking Dead' when it premieres this October. TVLine's Michael Ausiello first reported Hilda's death, further fueling rumors of her untimely demise.

Daryl is the next character whose widely-speculated death has peppered several articles online.

Comic books provide no solace on whether Daryl lives or dies, since there isn't a character exactly like him in the books. Hopefully, devout followers of the show will know more at the San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July 10 when 'The Walking Dead' panel provides information on the show.

But maybe AMC, Kirkman and the production team will shock viewers by killing off characters no one would suspect. Maybe Deanna meets her end. Or Morgan. Or katana-wielding Michonne. Or even lead Rick Grimes. All that's sure in 'The Walking Dead' is no one's safe from the clutches of a zombie. Or human.
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